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Keeping the monkey off your back

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  • Keeping the monkey off your back

    As muslims we continuously repel the evil/shaytaan. We avoid those bad people, we call the police and maybe let them deal with these people. Maybe we bar them from our businesses. But what do you when the shaytaan is in your own house. By shaytaan i mean those people that do not follow allah. Not just non-muslims but those who are misguided by the shaytaan. Say for example you live in a shared house and a new housemate moves in. This person drinks, smokes, plays music brings in girls/guys to smoke/party etc.. But the concern is not these actions, these actions would be his personal issues but they affect you as in they disturb you if you are studying trying to sleep/rest. They leave a mess in shared areas and the place smells of alcohol and smoke etc.. Is not the fact that you are living with a shaytaan, but the fact that they are adversly affecting your life by their actions and lack of respect and consideration for your feelings or values. These people have very little inhibitions, to them it all seems ok as shaytaan makes it all seem fair to them.

    I have read that when the azaan is red the shaytaam runs away and breaks wind, then again when the 'iqamat' is read. But my thought on this was that a mosque is the house of god and that 'shaytaan' would not be allowed entry? Or is this not the case? I have recently been quite distracted when praying and a few times i forget how many rakaats i have prayed. They say this is because of shaytaan who is creeping in and reminding me of worldly matters etc... but I thinks the reason for this may be stress related as when im less stressed i can pray with comfort and concentration.

    The reason I ask is i have been in situations where I have had to live with people like this. They are not always this bad and I do understand you should compromise and try to live in peace with your neighbours etc... but sometimes they are not even aware they are doing anything wrong and you dont want to confront them because you just dont want to talk to them, or think it will make things worse.
    Salaams, I understand this is a religious forum and as a result their may be some very religious folk or sensitive folk on here. As I result I need to ask that my comments/posts if found offensive in anyway then please dont read them otherwise take with a pinch of salt. I do not wish to get into a serious argument over religious issues which I believe are either black or white.

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    Re: Keeping the monkey off your back

    it's not that worse till people with vested interests bribe people who used to know you or your flatmates/housemates to say bad things about you in order to stop you from getting a job etc. Bad stories about you would be made up and all the goodness coming from you to them, like how you appreciate the friendship with them won't be mentioned but as a matter of fact will just be dismissed as non existent. People like these are many out there. In front of you they act really sweet but behind your back they are really crooked.

    but good thing is you also have some things to say about them and about yourself. There are always two sides to every story.