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Ijaza/Sanad shopping

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  • Ijaza/Sanad shopping

    one of the diseases that has crept up in the ummah is the concept of ijaza shopping as i like to call it.
    students of knowledge that study with scholars with the sole purpose of having a ijaza under their name.

    it has taken another turn as well where students of knowledge ,layman and non practising brothers and sisters and accusing scholars of not having ijaza and or asking the shaykh whether or not he has ijaza.

    a few years ago it was not common for this happen however nowadays it seems that we have lost the respect and dignity for scholars.

    In a class i took a few years ago from a visiting famous Indian scholar who came on umrah, he was teaching a few classes so a group of us went to his lesson. I remember a brother whom we had all respected just shouted who is this guy and who gave him ijaza. may allah protect us from this.

    In Syria you will find so many students of knowledge in the various places of knowledge eager for nothing but ijaza/sanad.

    i thought fatwa shopping was bad

    then there is the other side of the coin some ulema giving ijaza like water

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    Re: Ijaza/Sanad shopping

    i thought students just want to be sure of the credentials of their teachers?

    Recipes for all the family :inlove:
    (and you thought I was a lazy feminazi which can't cook?)


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      Re: Ijaza/Sanad shopping

      lol we probably even have people who study.... get the ijazah from their shaykh.... then use the ijaza to write long books of refutation of their own shaykh
      Jo kaam karta hai tu chup ke jahaan se
      koi dekhta hai tujhe aasmaan se