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A jewel thief exposed

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  • A jewel thief exposed

    While in university, one night my room mate told me that his father's 35 years of earning & all his mother's jewellery were stolen from a secret place in his house, just when the marriage of his sisters was planned. All the passages leading to the secret place were guarded but somehow the thief was able to exploit the weakly guarded option. Could there be a loss greater than that ?

    The only Jewel, without which entrance to eternal heaven becomes impossible, is "Imaan" (faith). It's storage place is heart. Devil wants to waste our Imaan completely, because the weaker the Imaan, the lesser the chances of entering Heaven. After death, our destiny is based on how much we could guard our Imaan at the 4 DOORS that lead to heart:

    Eyes (from forbidden lustful sights) It is the biggest door

    Tongue (from abuse, back-biting, lies.. etc.. )

    Ears (from forbidden delightful evil stuff)

    Mind (from immoral thoughts)

    The only cure is repentance with determination of not repeating past sins & to overcome our loss by letting more good enter these DOORS and prevention of dirt from polluting the heart that contains the light of Imaan.

    Reference: Lectures of Maulana Nazr-ur-Rehman
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    Re: A jewel thief exposed

    JazakAllah Khair :)
    Salam! :)



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