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Any pharmacists here?

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  • Any pharmacists here?


    just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your expertise inshallah?

    i have been on a low dose SSRI for a few months (situational stress).

    recently i've been forgetting to take it....thing is, i feel much better without it alhamdulillah.

    is this because the drug wasn't agreeing with me? or because my situation has improved and therefore it's just coincidence?

    am i at any risk of some sort of relapse a few days down the line if i continue not taking it?

    :jkk: in advance

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    Re: Any pharmacists here?

    Ask in sisters section, i think theres actually a pharamcist thread somewhere there....

    Recipes for all the family :inlove:
    (and you thought I was a lazy feminazi which can't cook?)


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      Re: Any pharmacists here?

      i'm no pharmacist but, i had a friend who had somewhat of a breakdown, and has had some stress/depression breakdowns from when he was a teenager.

      Each time he went into hospital they would totally fill him up with meds, it might have eased the situation then, but recovering over the next 6 month - 1 year, was very slow, and it was only later in life when it happened again, he went off the meds himself and was totally fine...

      He felt that the drugs made him worse over the time he was suppose to be recovering. He would get a check up every 3 months, doctors would ask do you feel better, he woudl say still the same.... when he went off them...didn't tell the doctors and they were surprised he got better who advised him to decrease his dosage etc... untill it was completely removed.

      just me 2pence


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        Re: Any pharmacists here?


        thing is...i'm not actually clinically ill, if you get what i mean. i've just been through a really pants time lately and it got to a stage where i needed medical help.

        i'm coping with it better, alhamdulillah, so just wondering if i can bin the meds? and if they even helped or hindered in the first place?