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how does one become detached from this world?

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    Re: how does one become detached from this world?


    Has anyone ever felt the life of a slave?
    The master says do this and the slave does, this way slave has no option other than to follow his master.
    Here is when the slave loses his needs (wordly) and only goes by what his lord almighty Allah says.

    But you will only become a slave of Allah when you follow as what Allah told, which hardly many do because it needs your nafs to be totally out of your body.If you have nafs then you have creed and wishes so much so that once a man even build heavens on earth spending 300 hundred years, this is the height of nafs. But what happened is that man died as soon he went to check the heaven when the construction of the heaven on earth was finished.

    So you see you will only detach from this world if you attach to Allah and then you will see nothing but in thoughts and every way you will only remember about Allah.This is when you will start ignoring everyone and only remembering Allah. This how you will detach yourself from this world.But this is a huge thing to do.

    But then again you can't detach from this world, even thought it is for few years but still you cannot.You have to be social and rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam encouraged social behavior.
    Rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam also used to play the game of race, even once played wrestling too. So you should be energetic and active in the society as well.Rasuallah salellahualaihiwasalam also used to go to invited dinners at sahaba's places, there are the fardh for your wife.There is also an incident in ahadith that a sahaba asked rasulallah salellahualaihwasalam to come and have dinner at his place.Rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam never accepted until the sahaba also invited ummul mumineen ayesha radiallah taala anha too.So this is how in short rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam was also a nabi but at the same time very social as well.

    I recommend you to read about the rasulallah salellahualaihiwaslam's social life too.
    صلى الله على حبيبه محمد و على آله و أصحابه و سلم