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    In this life, some people are too busy to pay attention to Allah & His teachings....Soon a time would come when they would plead for Allah's attention, but wouldn't get any. (in infinite centuries)

    Interpretation of a saying of Hasan Al Basri (rh.e).

    Those who want to know their level infront of Allah and the Prophet (saw) should first think what level do they give to Allah and His Prophet in their heart (through their actions). Their couldn't be a pain greater than being ignored by Allah and His prophet (saw) as a punishment for ignoring the Prophet's Sunnahs. May Allah (swt) save us all from such a pain.
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    Re: Action & Reaction

    JazakAllah khair!


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      JazakAllah khayr

      "How often we cry over Fate, but abundant good lies just behind it. O soul, it is goodness, even if it arrives after a while."

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