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An inspiring parable

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  • An inspiring parable

    ” The great Imam Ghazali rahmatullahi ayah has described the example of man and this life with the following parable.

    A man is walking in the jungle when suddenly a lion spots him and starts chasing him. The man runs for his life. Thinking that the lion would soon catch up with him, he desperately looks for a tree he can climb but to no avail. He then sees a well and decides to hide in it.

    But as he is about to step in he notices a huge snake inside with its mouth wide open. Such is the state of fear that his hair stands on end. Seeing the long grass around the well the man suddenly has an idea. He holds the grass tightly with his hands and hangs safely away from the lion at the top of the well and the snake at the bottom.

    As he hangs in the well the man can see the lion waiting at the brim of the well and his fears continue to increase. In this state he notices two mice one black and the other white. These mice begin nibbling at the grass and the man’s fear multiplies. Suddenly he feels some liquid fall on his face. The man licks it and to his amazement it is the sweetest honey he has ever tasted.

    As he looks above him he sees a beehive from which the honey is dripping. The man arches his head straining to gain drops of honey. In this search for pleasure he forgets the lion above, the snake below, and the mice nibbling away.

    Wouldn’t we call this man a maniac? But yet we are doing the same today. The lion is the angel of death, the snake is our grave, the black and white mice are night and day and the honey with all its sweetness is the world. Alas! We should take heed and prepare for the hereafter.”
    "The Wise Woman Turns A Desert Into A Beautiful Garden."

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    Re: An inspiring parable

    SubhanAllah brilliant analogy :jkk: