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  • scatter brain

    SAlaam alykum,

    I know that many people are undecided about what to do in life and what steps to take next; it’s the fear of the unknown that really gets people's minds all over the place. So can anyone relate and contribute a scatter brained social/personal issue you’re trying to workout. I'll start first: I graduated in business with the intention of getting a good job and getting married after, however I've been exposed to a new type of job industry that I feel is lacking in the Muslim ummah it's a "male" Speech Language Pathologist. I was exposed to this after a family member had a stroke and I was able to observe the progress and process that they went through. So, my scatter brain moment is should I peruse this need that I see and people have told me I would be great at or try and find a better job to get married.

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    Re: scatter brain

    i thought a scatterbrain was someone who can't concentrate/focus and comes across as abit ditzy?

    i think its quite natural to be hesitant about such a life changing decision...esp when it will involve a few years before you can actually work as a speach language pathologist....and will involve hard work/money/time etc etc, personally i think its very brave for you to consider a such a huge career change, a lot of people want to do something different, but never get round to your istikhara...look at your options and see what happens :)