Dear All...

Now a days a lot of people, old men & women in particular suffer a lot due to Diabetes.


1 - Wheat flour (gehu ka aataa in urdu) (Khamha in Arabic) 100 gm

2 - Gum (of tree) (gondh in urdu)- Samagh in Arabic 100 gm

3 - Barley (jaw in urdu) (Sha'meer in Arabic) 100 gm

4 - Black Seeds (kalonji in urdu) (Habba Suda in Arabic) 100 gm

Method of Preparation

Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water. Boil it for 10minutes and put off the fire. Allow it to cool down by itself.

When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and preserve the water in a glass bowl or bottle.

How to use it?

Take one small cup (finjan of Gahwa) of this water every early morning when your stomach is empty. Continue this for 7 days.

Next week repeat the same but in alternate days.

Insha-Allah, with these 2 weeks of treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal to eat normal food without problem.