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30% off Blossom InStyle abayas

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  • 30% off Blossom InStyle abayas

    Salamualaikum sistas

    Wasimah's is having a Clearance Sale for our Blossom InStyle abayas & dresses, which are now 30%off RRP. Eg. RRP is $110AUD, Sale price is $77AUD.

    Go to our website here to view dress prices, details and sizes.

    PM or email us to place your order and dont forget to mention this ad when ordering.

    JazakAllah khair


    PS. This offer expires on 5th Jan 2010 and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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    Re: 30% off Blossom InStyle abayas

    wow very nice but some of them show your waist line don't they.......they're very pretty though (some of them are too flaterring to be worn in public...shows how magnificently allah created you :D )
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      Re: 30% off Blossom InStyle abayas

      salamualaikum layla tul qadr

      jazakAllah khair for your feedback.

      I would just like to respond to your comment about the more fitted design of dress. As you might know, everyone has a different definition of hijab and while we sell some outfits that maybe fitted, we can not control when sista chooses to wear this. I myself would not wear this outside but i would wear it to a sistas party or function of some kind. So its about catering to all occassions inshaAllah. One the other hand, wouldnt it be betta to see a sista who might be transitioning from her non muslim past to her new muslim lifestyle to be wearing an outfit which may be fitted slightly and be fully covered instead of wearing tight jeans or a short skirt?

      The other information I wanted to share with you is that we also have a very large non muslim client base so again for them to buy something from us that is more conservative but maybe not be what some sistas would wear outside, is something that Im happily supporting and encouraging and doing from a dawah perspective inshaAllah.

      No one is perfect but as long as we all try to do our best to please Allah (swt) and not worry about what others say or do, this is the most important thing in my view.

      Supporting our ummah and looking for the positive side, and appreciating what our brothers and sistas are doing instead of spending so much time focusing on what they are not doing, would make the world a better place inshaAllah.

      May Allah (swt) guide us all ameen.


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        Re: 30% off Blossom InStyle abayas

        :salams I don't believe any of these pictures are proper covering
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