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The reward for visiting the sick

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  • The reward for visiting the sick

    When a man goes to visit his sick Muslim brother, he walks along a path of Paradise until he sits, and when he sits he is cloaked in mercy. If he comes in the morning, seventy thousand angels pray for him until the evening, and if he comes in the evening seventy thousand angels pray for him until morning. [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Ahmed]
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    something i think all of us may be guilty of

    too busy to visit the sick

    Allahul Musta'an
    .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
    نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
    دولة الإسلامية باقية


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      if anyone here is sick, consider yourself visited by me, from my heart, i wish you good health and strong emaan. inshaa Allah.


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        JazakhAllah khair for the reminder bro, we can often have the wrong intention when visiting the sick like "oh I have to" and not acknowledging that there is a reward involved....
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