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Advice to women who spend most of their time in the kitchen

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  • Advice to women who spend most of their time in the kitchen


    Many women spend most of their time in the kitchen, busy preparing various kinds of food, which takes a lot of time. Can you offer any advice to the Muslim woman concerning that?.


    Praise be to Allaah.

    The believer should be keen to make the best use of his time and not to waste it.

    Many women, as mentioned in the question, spend hours and hours in preparing various kinds of food.

    The believer should reduce his food intake and his main concern should not be to enjoy whatever he desires of food and other things, even if it is permissible.

    'Umar ibn al-Khattaab entered upon his son 'Abd-Allaah and found him eating meat, and said, "What is this meat?" He said: "I fancied it." 'Umar said: "Every time you fancy something, you eat it?! It is enough extravagance for a man that he eats whatever he fancies!" May Allaah be pleased with them. The Muslim should limit himself to what he needs of food, and not go beyond that.

    Moreover, the time that a Muslim woman spends in preparing food could be used in remembering Allaah or reciting Quraan whilst she works.

    it should also be noted that if her intention when preparing food is sound, namely to serve her husband and children, then that is an act of worship for which she will be rewarded.

    Shaykh Abd al-Azeez Aal al-Shaykh said:

    Her work in her house is an act of worship to Allaah, and her doing her household duties and taking care of her children are an act of worship to Allaah, so she is in a state of worship, in sha Allaah.

    So she should make the most of the time in order to remember Allaah; it is permissible to remember Allaah whilst preparing food, praise be to Allaah.

    Majallat al-Buhooth, 58/81.

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    Oh well, and I thought I was going to find a way out of it :D Anyways, whenever I find myself stuck in the kitchen a long time, I do just that, listen to the qur'an or other tapes with Islamic stories or something. Or sometimes I sing to myself:D But it does help the time pass

    3:103 And hold fast, all together, unto the bond with God, and do not draw apart from one another. And remember the blessings which God has bestowed upon you: how, when you were enemies, He brought your hearts together, so that through His blessing you became brethren; and [how, when] you were on the brink of a fiery abyss. He saved you from it. In this way God makes clear His messages unto you, so that you might find guidance.


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      i only pray we get good deeds for each time we have cooked and cleaned in that very over-used room! (Inshaa Allah)



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