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    Re: Wierd?

    Originally posted by GuCcI View Post
    *sigh*... oh well at least it wasnt as "shawg" as brother abu muslim's bag of onions incident :o
    :rotfl: That one was a definite 'shawg' for the ages.. lol
    May we reach daruSalaam by His, and only His Decree
    I would die for the cause if I knew only to what degree
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      Re: Wierd?

      Originally posted by GuCcI View Post

      im gonna start wearing it on friday . . .

      her daughter that is 6 months old is really sick
      and requires medication that costs ~$500,
      she was short . . . $27 to cover the cost
      of the medication. [sketchy #2] she came
      from alberta last month and hasnt been in
      Ontario for 90 days to get the proper health
      care *something* ... legit?
      # 1 Why is she waiting till Friday to
      wear a hijab ?
      #2 Where were her 5 children, while she was
      spending time
      at the mall ?
      #3 There would be allowances for emergency /
      necessary medication for a 6mth old,
      who is really sick even if
      they are from out of province and on assistance.

      Originally posted by Golden_silence View Post
      i thought health care was free in canada :|
      If your on social assistance, allowances are
      for life-saving meds only.

      #4 I would seriously be asking what kind
      of medication she was trying to finance :(

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      wait for the Day of Judgment."


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        Re: Wierd?

        i would have given the money, i have been in similar situations and have given the money, i give it for the sake of Allah and my intention is to give it as charity,

        Recipes for all the family :inlove:
        (and you thought I was a lazy feminazi which can't cook?)



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