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The Raw Food Diet

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  • The Raw Food Diet

    Let you in on the biggest secret that the they do not know or do not want to know about: The Raw Food diet..

    The raw food diet is not much of a diet at all.. It is a complete way of life..
    The raw food diet or lifestyle shall i say is of the most safest methods of consumption to date..

    This topic is rather extensive.. I shall break a few myths and misconceptions down rather briefly...


    Obviously we all might have heard of this issue in rather larger more mainstream discussion maybe entitled "organic vs. conventional" products... There is much truth in this discussion as well.. Known from the scientist themselves even of both sides, the products cultivated with naturally occurring materials tend to be allot healthier, with much reduced to non existent side effects in adverse to the countless studies and reports of the effects conventional modern cultivating has produced..

    The raw method of cultivating is basically in its purest most natural form.. There are no controlled settings for the growing process either at none or at a minimum.. If the growing method uses any controlled factors, the controls are even themselves raw to the utmost for example, instead of using a man made artificial pesticide, a natural, un altered, untouched, chemical, or product would be used to keep pest away such as natural, raw, oils..
    This raw method of growing in most to all cases ensures there be no adverse effects on the products growing as is seen in majority of the cases of commercially grown products known to the masses today according to the scientist themselves..

    If your wondering why doesn't every one choose the raw method of cultivating and choosing products?? Its because when you use a higher grade of naturally you get a higher grade of quality. Higher grades of quality cost money.. It is cheaper to take whole products and reduce their entirety, making them partial products, hence reducing the portions of money it receives but increasing the quantity of production. In other words the more you produce the less you charge, the less you charge the more you make.. Its a trade off and a compensation to what people may think but as studies show, in the long run, this unnatural way of living will "catch up" to us sooner or later hence the cheap ways we live will not hold up for long.. It will never be a complete way of life.. A substitute or a reversion to the better way is imminent and may be a must in the very near future indeed if it is not already present today..
    For now people are happy living cheap but experts say in the long run they would wish that they had prepared for the outcome better than they live today indeed..
    For those wondering well how much will they pay... were looking at a 65% to a 90% chance of failure... Its indeed that high...It may take lifetimes to repair this snag..


    This part may be the most important part after the growing of the products..
    After the products are naturally grown, the processing of the product should be in the same manner..

    Make note that the natural market has indeed cons to it.. Because someone calls their product "organic" or natural it doesn't mean it is healthy to consume.. Many people grow natural drugs, that can poison and destroy the body..

    Knowledge of the products are needed defiantly by the consumer and the seller. How to store and how to use is what is crucial in understanding product maximums..

    #2.1 The product should be stored in the most healthiest of environments..
    This applies to the environment as well as the utensils it is stored with and/or by.

    #2.2 the product should be examined when processed with other products..
    This alone is very crucial.. Many foods have known effects when used, processed, or consumed with other products. For instance, the cooking of a certain product is known to destroy the very beneficial nutrients of a product indeed..


    It is not just the cultivating of the products that would put you in the clear.. It is also the way it is processed.. The more a product is changed or added to the less helpful it can become. Cooking a product at higher temperatures have known to destroy many helpful nutrients.. It best to avoid cooking any thing at all cost unless it has to be cooked, and even then the way it is cooked should be analyzed..
    Adding things to the product is obviously a loved tradition.. People love additions and combinations of their foods.. In actually what would be best is that the product is left in its most pure form to receive maximum benefits and avoid health complications.. Seasoning can be added but in moderations, very light is best...
    Of course it is best to buy all of the raw products yourself and combine what you will at hand rather than buying the product pre processed..

    Ingredients rule of thumb: the less there are the better...
    Ingredients rule of thumb #2: If it is a harmful or unknown addition its best to leave the product in the entirety ultimately....


    With hot topics usually comes controversy..
    You have probably heard that though most admit to the "organic" slash natural or raw way of cultivating as being the most healthy though less profitable. which many much of the masses consider to be an invalid argument, you may have also heard from the same sides about the processing of raw products and storing as well.. This side of disagreements believe that for many products the way it is processed and consumed can and will cause more harm then good, so hence they commercially and artificially process these natural products to make it something of an unnatural substance..

    Most notable among all the products under processing charges, are the dairy products..
    Though we all know that certain foods such as beans and meat should not be consumed raw by humans and must be cooked, the same does not hold true for products , such as fruits, vegetables, some grains, dairy products, honey, and other seasoning products etc...
    Some states outlaw the sales of raw products for many products packaged raw..
    It is believed that to consume products such as milk or honey in its raw state, it would leave many sick in mass numbers..

    The truth to these statements prove themselves through the numbers..
    There have been cases of raw food poisoning from milk and items such as honey, but these incidents were very few.. It is not common to hear of much raw food poisoning and if there is any accounts recorded, the effects of the poisoning are slightly light to mildly important usually recorded as a stomach ache that last a period of time less than a day or 2 until the body develops an immune to these levels...which usually rids the body from this occurring again, but again this is not common in itself.
    The harms the have been accounted for the processing of raw products may have indeed been largely more signifigant... Estrogen levels from the processing can occur, as well as new types of ailments all from the processed products.. Surrounding the ailment concern, the most obvious of all is that when processing any product, it losses the maximum beneficial effects, hence which is why it is best to handle all products in their most natural of forms....

    If a product is cooked a certain way, this could decrease the benefits in its maximum..

    The additions to a product must be noted.. Food and product additives are already known to the masses and experts to be unhealthier for example the natural sugars put in a healthy product when consumed could be deadly in amounts.. It is best that the product is left in its most natural state at the time of cultivating, packaging, distributing, selling, processing, and consuming..


    Though this post was geared towards food products, cleaning products are also in the same arena.. It is best to avoid buying and using artificial home cleaning products of the like with harmful ingredients, and choose something more of natural benefits. There are many products that clean, and do many other wonders in their raw, natural forms, without any additives, or processing alterations of any kind to the product..

    All in all the way it is put on this earth is the way it should be maintained and the way it should leave this earth through waste..

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    Re: The Raw Food Diet

    here is the compiled main points..

    #1 Raw cultivating or natrual cultivating is sceintifically known to be healtheir..

    argument: It is more expensive to live this lifestlye, but sceintist say that it pays off almost completely in the long run..

    2# Raw processing of the product....It should be processed in its most pure form with no alteration, addition, if possible..

    argument: some products if consumed in its raw state can cause more harm then good..

    Raw milk is the prime example for this argument which has lead the governemnts to ban the sales of this prodcut in many lands..

    Raw milk and other raw products have not been proven in the least by scientist to be harmful.. Raw milk is legal in 28 out of the 50 states in america.. Majority of the states in america drink raw milk everyday without a problem.. The cases of illness from raw products are even in themselves rare..This is to be considered by a large percent of the masses as a myth, a conspirisay and a wild contraversy being no proof exist and no studies indicate these assumptions in credicble amounts..
    Many believe it is a marketing scheme, another way to govern and profit..


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      Re: The Raw Food Diet

      Drinking milk after a certain age being unhealthy is a common belief which has led many to adapt the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.. Of course this way of life has been in itself shunned by many scientist. It is known to be unhealthy in many ways and it contradicts mans existence in its entirety through history...Man has always been a raw eater including raw milk and even raw meats, or lightly cooked meats (rare) and if anything time proves pro to this conclusion.. Eating meat products has never proved negative in the past and there are not enough valid studies to prove otherwise...

      To stay away from certain meat products such as pork products is different because it has reasons, the #1 reason being that it contradicts with the raw food lifestyle.. To live this lifestyle, products that are chosen must be the easiest to cook lightly without high, unhealthy temperatures, which cannot be said about pork.. Pork requires high temperatures to kill its harmful ingredients, that are more widespread and harder to rid then easier products such as beef and chicken.. Avoiding pork products is a choice of wisdom for eating healthy and with these types of studies and facts, it gives new meanings and reason, more reasons to avoid certain products and continue living healthy indeed..

      By the way, the raw lifestyle may not be a secret but it is something they would not talk about.. Its like a salesman that only talks about the pros but never mentions the bad points of the transactions. We call this type of business "secretive business" because they would rather keep these known facts not discussed because it is bad for their sales.. Its "what they rather not want you to know or find out".

      Yes i mean unpasteurized milk but its not just the pasteurization, its also the homogenization of the product as well that is of question.. It is called raw milk because it is raw.. It is sold in my state as raw milk though i do not know if California sales this type of milk or new York so if you live in a big city, chances are you may or may not know what milk i am even talking about but yes it is branded as raw milk and nothing more..

      Addressing this last issue about the scientist always coming up with new numbers.. Yes it is true the numbers change but overall the overlying principal stays the same.. The truth is that in these types of cases, studies may vary but the one thing that is for sure is that if the problems or issues are large enough, it is best to AVOID THE DOUBTS anyway and just leave the product...

      You say we need balance.. I think you have been mistaken... Yes we need balance with good foods... With these harmful foods that are proving in more than a minority report to be harmful, WE NEED BANS. We need bans on these foods where they should not even be consumed or used in moderation.. I think you missed this point.. This world is not just all access to us.. There are permissions and Prohibitions.. We cant think in this mentality that all things created are acceptable in varied amounts.. You would murder in moderation so why would you eat a deadly food on occasions or in moderate amounts daily?
      Many scientist suggest that for some products and ingredients THERE ARE NO SAFE DAILY ALLOWANCE LIMIT.. I think this would have to be another thread in itself..

      Yes its true some products are more deadly than others but its best to avoid all deadly products whether its harms are light or severe, avoid them all...Its better to find an alternative that reduces as much as possible rather than making allowances that can in turn out in the future, to be a disaster as we see is happening today..

      We are not targeting all pesticides.. There are natural pesticides available.. We are targeting un-natural, processed man made, harmful pesticides. These are the ones that prove to be negative in health styles..
      It may not be a conspiracy but like i said it is something they would not like to talk about.. They have made up there mind, they are not willing to sacrifice... It is about money..

      They have even come up with reasons to live their lives and these reasons do not prove true.. For instance, the processing of milk being mandatory upon the nation because if it is not heated, it would cause illnesses in large amounts.. How true, how close to the truth is this belief in its entirety? They will spread this information to the masses and have the mass proportion of the nations believe that something good is actually harmful for us, and then impose this will upon the citizens.. If you do not say this is a conspiracy, or a secrete, or a wild misunderstanding, exaggeration, or downright lie, or at least a theory unproven, then i do not know what you call things indeed..


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        Re: The Raw Food Diet

        good article, but who are the " they " you kept reffering to?

        There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. 'Good pride' represents our dignity and self-respect. 'Bad pride' is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.


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          Re: The Raw Food Diet

          the cooperations that promote the incorperation of processing of products.. This includes, the health systems of doctors, hospitals, groceries, advertisments, cooperations, and so on.. Processing of food is one large group all relying on one another as a building does... Those commericals you watch are apart as well as the markets that make huge profits from these things... The doctors and hopspitals are profiting big time obviosuly... it is a huge market indeed and the ties go so deep it would take me days to find where all the roots and branches lie.. Anything conventionally produced you know of today are most likey the "they" i am talking about and they are many...


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            Re: The Raw Food Diet

            I suffer from health problems and have heard about the raw food lifestyle already. I increased the amount of raw food in my diet and it helped (I'm sure that was healthier), but I don't have the stamina to manage a 100% raw diet. I don't mind drinking pasteurised milk, but last time I was in the supermarket, I couldn't find any milk that wasn't homogenised. I think you might find the book "the hundred year lie" interesting as it mentions a lot about problems in the food industry and how many foods are enhanced unnaturally to make them last longer but lose their health benefits in the process.
            The Lyme Disease pandemic:


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              Re: The Raw Food Diet

              Raw food diet is wicked :hidban: Although its very difficult to stick to 100% in my opinion. I couldnt do it. Its hard enough as it is and i still cheat about 30% lol.
              *~* Learn Patience from Aasiyah (RA); Loyalty from Khadhija (RA); Sincerity from Aisha (RA) and Steadfastness from Fatima (RA).*~*


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                Re: The Raw Food Diet

                I understand... in americaraw milk and other raw prodcuts are illegal to sell in many places This shows that there is great contravesy surrounding these things indeed..

                the truth is though the governents would like to dictate everything we sell and buy this clearly shows the nature of their agenda...

                you may not be able to buy raw milk in the grocercy store of a convenent market but if you check many health food stores you may be able to find of some raw products allowed for sell. if not then your state may be one of the states that bans all sells of raw foods indeed and this is a shame... you may be able to find a neighboring state and have the milk shipped by delivery..

                It is a shame.. in our religon we know that honey is very beneficial..

                Tell me how many people actually drink the real honey??
                It is illegal like raw milk to sell raw honey in the super markets of many states..
                So in actually they are keeping us from acting out our sunnahs indeed..

                I buy nothing but raw products.. i can saw 100% of what i buy is raw...
                I do not slack i love the taste of eating somthing in its original form...

                fruits veggies
                nuts, beans, grains, of course light fires,
                milk honey,
                meat, lightly cooked..
                salt all raw..

                everything is raw.. it is the best way and if you can add the milk and honey from a legal stae that sells it then you should defeinetly do this indeed.. I do not drink any ozs. of artifically milk.. it would make me sick i think if i do so now i have conditioned my body to only accept the raw deal...mahshallah..


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         A report from The American Journal of Medicine explains that regular marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and smaller waist circumference. Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don't even smoke. Alternatively, they've also found new ways to infuse cannabis on food and beverages. If this is true I can't find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks