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Ingredients: What are we using??

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  • Ingredients: What are we using??

    Look at your food?? What are you eating? Is it halal?? What if your food is made without any pig products or alcohol products.. Does that then still make it halal???

    Many people are ignorant to some of these things i am about to reveal, it is the same reason why many scholars do not speak out against these facts..

    In older times the people of the lands would eat healthily.. Their food was mostly in the same form it was created in to waste.
    Today this is not the cases.. In many lands and customs many people have become accustomed to chemicals. Chemicals are artificially ingredients used to alter the products in some sort of way. Some chemicals are used as insect repellents to additives to make the product taste or feel and look better.. Artificial chemicals can be used for many reasons..

    In Islam everything is Halal in the dunya until proved haram.. For a time many people believe that all of the artificial ingredients we consume had no ruling and were allowed for many people.. It wasn't until many scientific studies had came out which started to prove that the same artificial chemicals many societies were using had devastating effects...These studies and outcomes became so bad that many lands had to ban these ingredients from ever making way to the grocery legally again..

    Now that we have this knowledge the question is raised, how Islamically acceptable are these ingredients for Muslims to consume and/or use??

    We are talking about ingredients that are known to be even more deadly than many drug products such as cigarettes and marajuana....How can the Muslims knowingly use these substances understanding the disastrous effects of these products???
    These ingredients ranges in products from foods to clothing, to cosmetics.. They are everywhere and for some reason the Muslims are using these products until they end up in a chemical grave. How can we allow this to go on and even be associated with these deadly products and ingredients many many Muslims so commonly use every single day???

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    Re: Ingredients: What are we using??

    thanks for your thread bro,

    just 2 days ago, in class, 1 brother was asking the ustaz if someone quit smoking and pray hard that they their body won't suffer from all the smoking they had done. the ustaz was stumped at the question but of course he had to say, if one prays hard, ya, probably the body will recover...

    i myself was surprised by the question, cos the brother thinks by 'praying', things will be fine, but he never ask the question about time. does it mean by 'praying', the body will just miraculously recover immediately...?

    he did not factor in the 'time' for things to happen, it's just an 'idea', if he prays, his body will be ok.

    it takes time for a body to get sick, and it takes time for the body to recover...

    i was still taken aback by his question, so i had to speak up and said..."why are people concern about the effects of smoking like that's the only thing that could kill a body, what about the food we eat, that could get us into all sorts of other problems..."

    i guess some people got my point... even the ustaz agreed with me...

    "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." - Morpheus, The Matrix. :hidban:

    "It would not be reasonable in me if I did not serve Him Who created me, and to Whom ye shall (all) be brought back." Surah 36:22. Ya Sin (Yusuf Ali Translation)


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      Re: Ingredients: What are we using??

      Mahshallah brother may allah reward you greatly for you understanding and willingness to at least solve many concerns of the ummah..

      Praying can help if allah wills it but in most cases this does not happen in this life...
      The prepartaion is worth 90 times the cure or so it is said..

      The thing that is amazing is that the scholars and shieks all come out and condemn ciggerettes and alcohol but it seems as if these same learned officials just are ignorant to current events and scienctific studies and the students are just as ignorant because many of the blind follow their teacher to the point that their guts tell them somthing is wrong but if the teacher doesnt speak out against it then they will not question it going completely against the sunnah.. A shame indeed..

      The scholars even admit that they are not scientist n the modern sense of terms as the prophet even admitted to not being learned as a farmer but learned as a scholar..
      It is on us students to bring these things to the attention of the scholars for they are like old men that need to be taken care of.. The will not eat until you bring the food to their attention in some cases with many scholars indeed...

      Again yes there are foods that we eat today that are labeled by the scientist as more deadly then cigerettes, alcohol, and even some drugs..

      People do not queston their plesures because they like them and do not want to find out the truth of their lifestlyes..