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How do you treat acne?

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    Re: How do you treat acne?

    Originally posted by Hiking View Post
    :scratch: it made locally? Wonder if that'd help with the hayfever?
    LOOL you know what I meant. :p

    Obviously it will help with hayfever. That was one of the health benefits I was going to mention....but didn't. :up:
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      Re: How do you treat acne?

      Originally posted by Wolfn View Post
      My face is starting to outbreak with zits. What are your treatments for acne? Any secrets you want to share?
      drink plenty of water.
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      bring back PAGAL LADOOOO:up:


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        Re: How do you treat acne?

        clindamycin phosphate wrked for me

        Dalacin T
        Topical Solution


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          Re: How do you treat acne?

          Originally posted by Joha View Post
          Reminds me of a picture in the papers the other day - y'know, you should be grateful, that's Amy Whingehouse on a good day
          asalamu alaykum

          that's Amy Whingehouse on a good day

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            Re: How do you treat acne?

            Originally posted by Kubs View Post
            Everyday eat pollen. Not too much.....just a can add it to anything! Trust me bro...pollen is miracle food! It's super healthy! It has many many benefits which will take me ages to type up. It flushes away all the impurities in the bloood...yes THAT one teaspooon everyday will make a huge difference to your skin also.

            Where can you buy it? In any health food store.

            But don't stop their.....everyday before you go to bed....wash your face...and then apply Bio oil. This will get rid of the acne scars on your face.

            As for other important things you should do......WHENEVER you're thirty, instead of reaching out for a coke........drink water!

            Also once or twice a week apply honey or rose water on your face. Honey is 100% sugar, dextrose or anything unnatural in there. It has many nutrients which help nourish the skin and make it look healthy. Before you apply the honey, add a few drop of lemon and mix. Massage the face.....this increases the circulation of blood in the face, the lemon cleanses ths skin and the honey tightens the pores.

            Always go for the natural approach to curing and PREVENTING acne. :up:
            pollen? wow i never heard that... gota try it insha allah:D
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              Re: How do you treat acne?

              Cocoa Butter helps.
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                Re: How do you treat acne?

                healthy diet, plenty water
                soap dries ur skin out...
                dont stress too much


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                  Re: How do you treat acne?

                  Proactive Solution + healthy eating + 2 liters of water/day.