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Lawful Earning

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  • Lawful Earning

    Hadhrat AbdAllah Ibn Mas'ud has reported Allah's Messenger peace be upon him as saying:
    ' Trying to earn a lawful livelihood is an obligatory duty in addition to the duties which are obligatory.'

    Hadhrat AbdAllah Ibn Mas'ud has reported the prophet peace be upon him as saying:
    'No man who acquires unlawful property and gives some of it in alms will have it accepted from him,
    neither will he receive a blessing for it if he contributes some of it, and if he leaves some of it behind him it will be his provision for Hell. Allah does not obliterate an evil deed by an an evil one, but he obliterates an evil deed by a good one. What is impure does not obliterate what is impure.'

    Hadhrat Khaulah daughter of Qais reports of hearing the Messenger of Allah say:
    ' This property is fresh and sweet and he who gets it in a proper way will be blessed with it, but he who improperly acquires such property, will have nothing but hell on the day of resurrection.'
    The enforcement of Muslim Brotherhood is the greatest social ideal of Islam. On it was based the Prophet's (SAW) sermon on his last pilgrimage, and Islam cannot be completely realized until this ideal is achieved. '
    (Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Yusuf)
    In Lam Takun Ghaadiban Annee Falaa Ubaalee...

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    Re: Lawful Earning

    :jkk: for the reminder.
    :love: “A calamity that makes you turn to Allah, is better than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah” :love: