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    SAL.AM Magazine
    SAL.AM Magazine is a freely distributed, quarterly lifestyle magazine, targeted at Muslims who want more. Whether that be more ilm (knowledge), more enlightenment or more encouragement to live in the way of Islam. Our main aims are to broaden the understanding of Islam within the Muslim community, and provide a platform for Muslims to participate in the media. This will enable us to establish cross-cultural dialog with Non-Muslims to help remove the negative perception of Islam.

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    SAL.AM Magazine is the easiest and most economically viable way to access the Muslim community. SAL.AM Magazine reaches out to thousands Muslim professionals, students and today's Muslim woman. No other medium can reach this vast audience the way we do, at such low prices. Our unique service offers quality magazines to our readers, direct to their door for absolutely free. They can also get hold of the magazine from various sources, i.e. Islamic shops, mosques, events and university Islamic societies.

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    Re: SAL.AM Magazine

    Asalaamu'Alaikum Salaam :P
    "If I was going to meet my new wedded wife on my wedding night, or you would give me news I had a new born son. It would not give me the same satisfaction as sitting in a tent on a cold night thinking of tactics on how to ambush my enemy."
    Khalid ibn al-Waleed.