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Is this permissible???

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    Re: Is this permissible???

    Originally posted by *hijab* View Post
    i will tell u one thing though

    hoovering the whole house will defo make u sweat and probably loose a few pounds if u do it all the tym
    I guess ur right about hoovering!!!
    "What can my enemies do to me? I have in my breast both my heaven and my garden. If I travel they are with me, never leaving me. Imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with my Lord. To be killed is martyrdom and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey." - Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimuhullah)


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      Re: Is this permissible???

      It's just an example, but the point is go back to the traditional methods, it will make you work out to the max, and i know this very well because i have to clean up with only a broom and a pan :|


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        Re: Is this permissible???

        Originally posted by truepath View Post
        Wa alykum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barrakatuhu

        Check this page
        Thank u for sharing the link.

        I had no idea of such thing. Glad I found my way to this forum.

        I'm a newbie. :o


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          Re: Is this permissible???

          Originally posted by umm turaab View Post
          Asalaamu'alikum warahmatullah,

          I wanted to ask if i go to a gym where they play music, is it permissible for me to still go there coz its out of my control? and can i wear headphones to listen to the Qu'ran even though the music is being played in the background??
          But do you really need to go to gym?

          It is better to make real changes to your lifestyle than depend on a gym

          Include more healthy food in your diet. Drink less soft drinks if at all.
          Go for more walks with relatives/husband. Or go alone (but be safe).

          There is a lot of practical advice you can get from your gp.

          You will be amazed the change these small but permanent changes can make.

          I was able to lose 10 kg just by controlling/changing my diet and moderate exercise daily at home, no gym at all, but the support of a loving wife!
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