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The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

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  • The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

    The Path that led me to Allaah.
    - A pre-authors edition to the heart-break series -

    This story has many lessons which we can all learn and benefit from insha Allaah. It's a series of it's own and i will try to post up small chapters insha Allaah (God willing.)

    I hope it benefits you as much as it benefitted me, and this story was one of the ways i was able to write the story on the heart-break thread.*

    * Heart-Break Series

    Throughout the story, i want you to keep an eye on the main character. The way he speaks, what he goes through, and how his friends change him - for the better, or for the worse? What are the consequences for that?

    Relate it to yourself, and reflect. See how your friends can influence you, and how something which you might have had a good intention for, it wasn't that good afterall - since it lead to many more evils. Reflect - place yourself in the position of the main character - and try to see how there may be something which you dislike, yet Allaah has placed in it much good, and there may be something you like, which is harmful for you. Allaah knows and we do not know.

    You need to take the right steps, if you don't - you will cause harm to yourself and those around you. What you do will either make you a leader of misguidance - causing others to go astray with you - or a leader of guidance - bringing others to the light and mercy of Allah. Each has its own consequences, one that leads to the anger and fire of Allah - saved for the rebellious, while another to His Forgiveness and eternal reward.

    You will extract the lessons and morals from this story, place yourself in the main characters position and reflect on what changes he goes through. And how, if you were in his position - how you would react. Maybe you can get involved by posting in this thread too so the readers can get a mixed variety of opinions, it will broaden your imaginative and creative skills.

    Give your input, someone reading this might be going through exactly what this character goes through... maybe your opinion triggers something in their mind and heart? This is your chance to explain yourself, how you would react, what would you do if you were the character's friend? How you could stop this fitnah (trial) before it's too late?

    Hope you enjoy it.
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    Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
    Part 1.

    It's authentically reported that the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:

    "I have not left behind me any temptation more harmful for men than women." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

    The beginning..

    He was sitting in class daydreaming.. it was a warm day today, the sun was shining. He couldn't wait for the lesson to finish.

    Something hit his head. The girls behind him in class were laughing.

    Huh? he thought to himself.

    He turned around, they pointed to his chair and started laughing at each other again.. he looked down and saw a folded paper.

    Should i open it? Or just ignore them? He chose to open it.

    As he opened it, it had an email address.
    Add Me.

    What? Was that really the right thing to do, he thought to himself?

    He ignored it and carried on with his work.

    Another time, it hit his head.. he picked it up again and checked;
    Why you ignoring us for?
    He couldn't be bothered with this.. he waited a little while, and the bell went. Home time!

    He left the class, went through the corridors and stood next to the gates, waiting for his mates to meet him. As he waited, he saw that these mates were with them girls now. They were talking, he got abit impatient now. So he ran home.

    Everyone was at home already, watching TV. He sat down and started watching it aswell. His dad came home after a while.

    "We've got internet today!"

    What's that? he asked.

    You can see all the world through it.


    Yeah, you can even talk to people on it, watch tv, you can do nearly anything.

    Wow, kool.

    "You'll have to explain to me how it works though, i'll set it up for you and you can try to connect the internet."

    Okay dad, thanks. This is well kool.

    I wonder what you can do with it..?
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      Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
      - The next day at school -

      We've got internet at home now!

      That's kool man, you should come on msn some time.

      What's that?

      You can chat online with us, it's really fun.

      I never knew there was stuff like this.. i'll probably be able to use it because my bro has a computer in the bedroom.

      You need to make a hotmail account though, it's really easy. Just go on their site and create an email address and then you can come on msn.

      Thanks, man.

      All day i was looking forward to going on the net, it was my first time and i could even chat to my mates there! I wasn't too old then, maybe i was around 13years old.

      I came home, ate and then rushed to the bedroom. I switched on the computer and made an email address. I downloaded msn and logged in. My friend had already given me his email address, so i added him.. but he wasn't online.

      hmm.. this is weird. I waited for a little while, and started to browse over hotmail. It was my first time afterall.

      I got bored after abit, so i started checking out all the features of msn.

      I saw a button, which caught my attention.

      [ CHAT ROOM ]

      Out of curiousity, i clicked it.

      A whole page popped up, loads of people chatting at one go. Some people shouted ASL!?

      What's that? i thought.

      Some people would *whisper* their age, others would swear. hm.. this was confusing.

      There was a box on my window screen, flashing. I clicked it and someone had messaged me.


      You alright?

      Yeah, you?

      I'm gud thanks.

      I was bored, and i wanted to know how msn worked.
      So what's your email address?


      What's that?

      Age Sex Location?

      Oh, i'm 13 male. you?

      kk same here 13/F, here's my add.

      So we chatted abit on msn.. the conversation was abit dry since i was new to all of this.

      Later my friends came on msn so i stopped talking to this new person, they never really gave their name or anything. Anyway, we ended up blocking and deleting each other.. but was this really the ending?

      Or is this where the plot unfolds from?
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        Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

        next part will come tomorrow insha Allah :) if i'm able to..
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          Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

          I woke up the next morning, it was the weekend today. This whole thing was new to me, so i was still excited to check up on what was new.

          I can't really remember much that happened in family life, but i was abit bored of that.. so i spent more time on the computer. Being new to High school [uk] or Junior High [US] makes you want to have more friends, maybe that was the reason why i went on it alot.

          That day i logged on, i could see the msn figure spinning around trying to login. Then the window logged in, but there was something different.
          *New Window*

          ***** has added you.

          Will you accept? :

          - Okay I will accept.

          - No, i will block the user.

          OK - Cancel
          Take a wild guess which one i picked? I was bored like i said before. But before accepting, i thought twice about it. This wasn't just a mate i knew at school..

          The friend who told me about msn was online.
          Did you give my email address to anyone?

          Yeah, i thought we could all add each other. Especially since we're all in the same class.

          hm.. okay, but who specifically did you give it to?

          Them girls in our class, they asked me for your email add.

          I added it, i never knew it was them though.. should i block them?

          they probably...
          ***** has signed in

          i'll add them in the conversation.

          how do you do that?

          ***** has been invited in the conversation.




          how come you ignored me that day?


          In class?

          Oh.. i'm sorry about that.

          It's okay, just don't ignore me.

          Sure.. ok.

          Remember when you were telling me you like him?

          oii.. you shouldn't have told him that.

          erm.. i think i have to go now, i'll be back later sorry.

          take care.

          why you going?

          I Logged out.

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            Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

            The next time i logged in.. this person was still online. It was probably their first time to visit the net too, since it was something new for us teens.

            They started the conversation with me, i felt abit uncomfortable.. but i replied back so i didn't seem rude.

            We chatted, and became friends. Then we spoke to each other at school, sometimes. Then she would send letters in class, and i would reply.

            I never really liked her, but i felt sorry for her. I didn't like hurting anyone, and i was a friendly person back then. Maybe that's why i played along?

            Anyway this msn thing was kool, so i spoke to people from my school. I became more confident gradually, it affected the way i thought, and i was more confident with other people and able to speak out if i had to.

            To cut things short - as weeks and even months progressed, the conversations continued and the friendship increased. The gurl started showing feelings, sometimes hinting it while other times explaining to their mates. So when i'd be at school, i'd get stares by people.. but back then, who didn't want to be popular?

            Why didn't i move seats in class? It's because the teachers sometimes put people in alphabetical order (stop laughing lol, i know its weird) so yeah, that's why i couldn't move places. And that's why i carried on getting first class mail. That's what happened another day, i got airmail this time and it hit my head.
            I picked it up and heard the laughing again, what did it say?
            Will you go out with my mate?

            hm.. i just couldn't be bothered so i stayed quiet again. My mate asked me what it said, i just ignored everyone. I wasn't used to all this.

            Anyway one day i was with my mates at break, and a group of people approached me. Guess who? They started laughing again so i knew something was up.
            So do you wna go out with my mate? they said.

            I stayed quiet for a little while.. No. i replied.

            Why not?

            i stayed quiet.. i just don't want to, i thought to myself. Plus i knew it wasn't right anyway, i still had that shyness (hayaa'.)

            The bell went, break was over.

            So i walked away.
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              Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

              I think she was sad alot, and her friends would say to me that i hurt her bad. I never knew what to do, so i said okay.

              We met up outside of school, spoke to each other. Never really did anything deep, but we saw a movie, an action one lol. It turns out when i came home, someone had triggered the alarm - someone had seen me and busted me, and it passed onto the family.

              Uh-oh. lol who doesn't know that being an asian means you have relatives everywhere, and to top it off - dating with someone isn't allowed anyway, unless it's with your spouse. I came home and everyone knew what had happened.

              I got grounded.

              This was a moment in life where i totally had to go through a reflection period, was i really doing the right thing? Some people even told me that i couldn't really hurt her, since love can't happen when you're so young. Now i know it can happen, but back then i never. We know this because Aa'isha (may Allaah be pleased with her) loved Allaah's Messenger (peace be upon him) at a young age.

              What was i supposed to do? I couldn't tell her that i want to end it. That's the only reason i had accepted it. But i had to, so i did.

              Everyone was suspicious when i would go on the computer, so i wouldn't use msn now. I needed help and was in a state of weakness. So i turned to Allaah/God, i tried to look at what the Islamic view to this whole situation was. I knew it wasn't allowed, but why wasn't it allowed?

              I found some info on how innocent love which might start off as 'love on first sight' usually isn't that innocent afterall, especially when it can have harmful consequences i.e. heart-break, and heartbreak can lead to enmity, jealousy, hatred. Relationships outside of marriage can also break up ties, sex outside of marriage can also lead to children who might not know who their father is etc. which can have harmful pyschological effects on the child. Since this whole game is basically a 'hit and run' idea.

              I went back to school after the weekend, and everyone was hyped up. Knowing that they have a mate who's got a 'girlfriend.' They were even more hyped because someone asian was with someone white. That's how people were for some reason.

              Some asian girls would give the evils (not everyones racist, but i'm just saying.) I didn't know what to do, because in reality - i was just trying to please someone, while not knowing the evils which would come leak out of it in the future.

              Guess what happened? Maths is everday, which meant that i was in that seat everyday.

              The laughing behind me was louder, and now even my mate knew that something had happened over the weekend.

              I was embarrassed to discuss it while knowing what had happened at home - i had reflected alot there.

              I recieved the mail; Did you have a good time with my mate?
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                Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

                I waited abit before i replied.. so much things were going through my head. I ignored the question on the creased up paper, and gave a direct answer.
                I think i can't carry it on no more. I'm sorry.

                What do you mean? I thought you liked her?

                Yeah, but it's over. Sorry.

                I never really got a reply, they had quietened down now. Anyway everyone who knew by now was wondering why it had happened, how one day it had just 'started' and on that same day it had 'ended?'

                My friends asked me too, i stayed quiet.. i never really wanted it in the first place, and now i hurt alot of people in the process. I wasn't pleased with that, since my first intention was to please someone so i don't get them hurt.

                Maybe people thought i was trying to get attention? But how could that be if i would get more by sticking to it?

                Others thought i was afraid, i was kind of.. since i was new to all this popularity. I usually stayed quiet now, and the same people would approach me and i would remain quiet, not answering their questions.

                They would ask me the same things, the why's and how's. But it had ended, no matter how stubborn they thought i was. I had prayed to Allaah to save me from more trials, and the praise is for Him that i never really faced as much now, from the people or family.

                This phase lasted for around 2years, and the praise is for Allaah that it gradually died out. She became abit more maturer, and the constant questioning - they got tired of it. As time progressed, it was officially over.

                Now that things were becoming normal once again, i carried on using msn every now and then to chat to my mates. Not as much, but just to pass some time.

                Throughout these two years i would learn a little about the stories of the many reverts who had started joining Islaam, and i would check out Islamic Magazines. Scientific miracles from Qur'an and all that.

                I was about 15 now.

                These years made me reflect alot, yet i still wasn't firm in my Islaam. I never really had any good understanding of the basics, and i never really had any firm principles to hold onto, this would be a big disadvantage for me in my near future.

                To be continued...
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                  Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
                  Part 2.

                  I would go to school and get on with my work, but the pressure of exams started to come up now that i was half way through high school (or Junior High in the US.)

                  I wasn't as focused as i used to be in the past, who doesn't? This is the time in your life when you see the world differently, you think differently, imagine life differently, and see things from another angle to how you did before.

                  I was more relaxed now, more confident. But not too much, just enough to make my voice heard. Before the past phase i was totally shy and quiet.

                  So yeah, life was different now. I had changed alot, and i was kind of happy about that.

                  Near the beginning when i got msn, alot of people from our class had shared their email ads like i told you earlier. And there was this other person from class which i liked, but i'd never tell anyone that. Alot of guys liked her, and she was the phase 1's "half-friend." She didn't really care that i had given up the other one, but emotions is emotions init?

                  I remember one day when i was walking back from school with a mate, and he told me that a guy and a girl can't simply be mates, there's gota be someone from among them who has feelings for the other. Even if they don't show it. That's true, and i know that now.

                  So remember that times passed by now, it's two years later. I've come back on msn properly back again, after a long time. I've blocked the first person, i had to since i realised that i gota either take the whole package, or block all means. I did that, so we never spoke no more.

                  That doesn't mean i blocked all my previous contacts, it just means that i still had a doorway to other trials which i never knew could come up yet...
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                    Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

                    U heard Sean Paul's new track?

                    No, what 1?

                    Here, i'll send it ya.

                    thanks, that's top!

                    yeh.. i got more of that if u want sum.

                    I'll ask for more later, thanx.

                    This was that person i told you about before, the one who added me earlier who was from my class. We'll call her C for now, just so we don't get confused with phase no.1 girl.

                    C was busy in her own world, didn't really bother chatting to me too much. So i tried to chat, but never really got anywhere in the conversations. At school it would be different, sometimes talk and sometimes not. Maybe because everyones just confused, trying to find out who they are, who they wna be? Sometimes your best mates, and sometimes you pretend you don't even know each other.. confusing huh?

                    Anyway when you want someone to like you, you want them to get your attention. I think that's common sense.

                    There's some people who claim to love God for example, yet they don't love what He loves. If you don't love what the other party loves, then you don't really love them. If not that, atleast take into consideration of what they say.

                    So i was chatting to her, maybe for a few days.. i was abit more confident with myself now, and abit more open. Since i had alot of friends, i knew how to talk, and got influenced by them alot.

                    Allaah's Messenger spoke the truth when he said:

                    "A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend."

                    [Recorded in Abu Dawud & Tirmidhi]

                    I started getting influenced by my friends in so many ways, in the way they spoke, the taste of music, their interests etc.

                    So i wasn't really myself no more, i was just a copy of someone else. And that copy was of the media, so all i did was follow blindly, why? Because to be popular, you have to follow the 'scene' - And the 'scene' is controlled by the media, we're like sheep, we just follow along.

                    This had to get worse yet, but i never knew what the future was. Only Allaah does, but i was given the ability to make the decision - the good path, or the wrong path. I think you all know which one i was tempted to follow...

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                      Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
                      It was a cold night today, even though it was supposed to be Summer. I put the heater on, and i felt all warm inside.

                      I signed in and saw the msn figure spinning around, it logged in.

                      No-one had added me for ages, but today a window was flashing. It was a new contact.

                      It couldn't have been someone from school? I accepted it anyway.

                      When i clicked [OK] - the person was (Online) .

                      I saw their screen name, and i realised it couldn't have been anyone from school.

                      I waited abit to see if they would say anything, no message.

                      I opened another window with a mate and asked him, did you give my email ad to someone?

                      He said No. hm... this was weird.

                      I opened the window with the new ad,

                      *silence* - i decided to be the first person to start the conversation:
                      hey, asl?

                      sup? u 1st.

                      15/m/uk. u?

                      yeh same same, buh i'm a gyal lol.


                      atleast the person was open minded i thought to myself, so we started chatting.

                      we had alot of similarities, but differences aswell. Sometimes that can be a good thing.

                      I stopped chatting to C now, this new character was more interesting.
                      So what u upto?

                      Nothin much, jus cotchin.

                      Wots that?

                      lol u dno? cotchin is flexin init.

                      oh, safe. soo.. who gave u my ad?


                      no go on, who gave it?

                      it was a m8 init, i asked her 4sum adz n she passed em ova. they wer in her block list or sutin.

                      ohh, ok. what was her ad?

                      why dyu want to know?

                      i just want 2 know who it is.

                      her ad was this:

                      ohh! i remember, was she the one on chatrooms?


                      i think i spoke to her a long time ago. but then we deleted each other because we never really spoke after that.

                      oh, seen.

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                        Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series

                        U eva had a ride in a BMW M3?

                        no, u?

                        yeh, ma cuzzie (cousin) came over a few days back, took us fo a cruise init.

                        thats kool, safe.

                        Nah, it's seen now.

                        What is?


                        lol, safe is seen?

                        yeh, idiot. lolz

                        lol k, seeeen?

                        idiot, lolz.

                        We became friends, and we spoke alot.. she taught me alot, and i think i taught her alot too.

                        The thing is that i hadn't ever felt like this before, it was a weird feeling inside. It made you laugh all the time, even when the person wasn't there.

                        None of my school mates knew of this new person who added me, and for some reason i never wanted to share this persons ad with no-one else.

                        The pressure of exams kind of got relieved now, i stopped focusing on school work and more on talking to this person. Atleast they understood what i was going through, even though they were just a year younger.

                        We'll name her S, just to cause less confusion.
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                          Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
                          Back at school it's different now, hardly anyones focused on their exams. It's near the end of school, just 2 more years left. So everyones cotching, flexin, whatever u wna call it.

                          Back in the days i used to be focused, but now i couldn't be bothered either. The teacher would tell everyone to study, revise, do homework. But no-one did that, we'd just copy off someone at break. It wasn't worth it, thats how everyone felt, except the guy we copied off obviously.

                          I'd just daydream in class, a dictionary would wizz past my head and i wouldn't know.. lol even pencil throwing fights, one half of the class against the other half. Those were the days...

                          When the bell went, everyone would rush out. I was happy when that would happen. It was quite a few weeks now, maybe even months that we had been chatting.
                          hey, u gud?

                          yeh, u?

                          am kool thanx.

                          so anywayz, where u from?

                          promis me u wnt tel no1?

                          i wont, trust me.

                          nah promise..

                          ok, i promise lol.

                          kk lol, i'm from there.

                          u serios?!

                          no, i'm jokin?

                          kasmay? (u swear?)

                          yeah, kasmay. (lol)

                          she was from my town.. lol that was shocking.
                          ..I'm from there too.

                          u messin?

                          no, i'm serious.

                          *shocked emo*

                          i know.. weird. And it was your mate who gave you my ad right?

                          yeh.. it was.
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                            Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
                            So i got ready, i never really knew all the things which were kool. I wore some jeans a t-shirt, and a new jacket, sorted my hair out and ran to town.

                            It was abit busy, which was in a way a good thing. Warm day, i was abit early. So i went to the library to check if she would still be coming. I logged on, and checked my mail.

                            - No New Messages -

                            I was happy, kinda.. atleast she was going to come, i thought. Otherwise she would mail me right?

                            I waited for abit.. i saw some people my age go past, was it them? It looked like they were waiting for someone?

                            I rang their cell/mobile no. it was off.

                            We said we would meet up at 1pm, now it was 1:10pm.

                            Maybe she wasn't coming afterall?

                            I refreshed my page on hotmail, still nothing?

                            I was about to sign out when three people came past...

                            One in blue, another in green? One in white.

                            They walked past, one of them was looking at the close by computers. Did they want to go on them? They were only 3 in this section anyway?

                            "This is the one" she said.

                            ...was it them?

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                              Re: The Path that led me to Allaah. - A Prequel to the heart-break series
                              The one in blue sat on a near by computer, the other two were standing up behind.

                              Hey listen, this is my mate.

                              I looked back, they were looking at me.

                              Are you, that guy?


                              she nodded towards the one in white.

                              She was abit quiet.

                              Talk to her then? her mate said.

                              Hi.. she said.

                              Hey, u alright?

                              Yeah, u?

                              I'm good, i looked down now.. embarrassed.

                              Your phone was off before?

                              No, i just changed my sim.



                              some kids ran past.

                              erm.. so, anything else?

                              It was quite;

                              the tension was building up abit..i wanted to talk but it wasn't really that comfortable with all of them staring. Plus it was a public place with everyone going past.

                              Ok anyway, i gota go now. Just wanted to check if everythin was alright..

                              Ayt, See ya, then.

                              you too.

                              I left, and that was it. Strange, but i wondered what was going to come out of it? Was this even a real meeting?
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