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A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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  • KeeKee
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    My eyes have never seen anyone;
    More handsome than you;
    No woman has ever given birth
    To one more beauteous than you.
    You have been created free from
    all blemishes.
    As if,you have been created
    In consonance with
    Your own wishes.

    Hassaan Bin Thaabit on Muhammad,peace be upon him.

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  • KeeKee
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.


    Hadhrat Abu Hurairah relates that the Holy Prophet peace be upon him asked the companions:
    'Do you know who is a poor man?'
    The companions answered:
    'He who has neither money nor property is poor in our eyes.'

    The Holy Prophet said:'The poor man amongst my people is he who shall come with an abundant amount
    of prayers,fasts and charity on the day of judgement,but who would also have abused someone,produced false
    charges against an individual,stole someones belongings,or beaten or killled a person.'

    The complaints of the oppressed people will be heard by Allah and a case made out for each of them.
    The wrongs they suffered will be made amends for by the good deeds of the wrongdoers.On the day of judgement
    the good deeds of the individuals shall be the currency,with which the dues shall be paid.

    the beauty of His teachings...

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  • KeeKee
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Allah ta’ala has praised the Prophet in the best manner by His words, "There has come to you a Messenger from among yourselves, who grieves over your discomforts, full of concern for you, compassionate and merciful to those who believe”.

    Shaykh Abdullahi Dan Fodio said: "In this verse is an indication that his people in Mecca were thoroughly aware of his nobility (sharafahu) and kindness (fadlahu) towards them, his truthfulness (sidqahu), integrity (amaanatahu), his sincere advice to them (naseehatahu lahum), and his concern in guiding them. They were aware of the intensity of dislike for what distresses them in this world and the Hereafter and his compassion and mercy towards those who believe. For He honored him by giving him two of His own names: the compassionate and the merciful (ra'uf, rahim)."

    Allah ta’ala has further praised him, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, by His words, "Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah."

    Again Shaykh Abdullahi Dan Fodio said: "Allah knew of the weakness of mankind in obeying Him of their own power, thus He set up between Him and them a created being from among their own species. He ta’ala invested this created being with some of His qualities of compassion (ar-ra'afa) and mercy (ar-rahma). He then made obedience to him like obedience to Himself. "

    Allah ta‘ala has praised him further by His words; "We have not sent you except as a mercy to all the worlds."

    Therefore, whomever any aspect of his mercy touches is saved in both worlds. He, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is ‘a mercy to all the worlds' meaning to both the jinn and mankind. Some of the scholars say that this verse means that he, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is a mercy to the entire creation including every atom. This is because he, may Allah bless him and grant him peace was the causative factor for the creation of existence.

    He, may Allah bless him and grant him peace is a mercy to the believers by guiding them, a mercy to the hypocrites (who conceal their hypocrisy) by granting them security from being killed, and a mercy to the disbelievers by deferring their Eternal punishment (through jizya and truce).

    It has been related that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said to Jibril, "Has any of this mercy touched you?” He replied, "Yes, I used to fear what would happen to me, but now I feel safe because of the way Allah praised me when He revealed to you. 'Possessing power, secure with the Lord of the Throne, obeyed, then trusting'. "

    It was said about His words, "If you were to try enumerating the blessings of Allah, you could not count them”. It is said His blessings (ni’ma) means Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and the like of what we have mentioned from the Qur'anic verse. And Allah gives success in arriving at the truth.

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  • Saifullah
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    O Allah! grant him a blessing by which chests will be expanded, and by which problems will be rendered insignificant, and by which the veils will be removed and grant him abundant peace lasting until the Day of Judgement!:inlove:

    Allahumma salli alai hi salatan tushrahu bi ha s-suduru wa tahunu bi hal umuru wa tankhashifu bi ha s-suturu wa sallim tasliman kathiran daiman ila Yawmi d-Din.:inlove:

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  • KeeKee
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Opinions of Non-Muslims on Prophet Muhammad

    Michael H.Hart in his book on ratings of men,he ranked Muhammad peace be upon him first on the list,
    who contributed to the benefit and uplift of mankind:
    'My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the worlds most influential persons may surprise
    some readers & maybe questioned by others,but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful
    on both the religious and secular levels.'
    (M.H Hart,The 100:A ranking of the most influential persons in history,p. 33)

    Many non-muslims had such a appreciation and love of the prophet Muhammad,its sad to see muslims like
    ourselves not showing enough appreciation for the best of mankind,who bought Islam to us through the Almighty.

    Thomas Carlyle,in his 'Heroes & Hero-worship' was simply amazed as to:

    'How one man single handedly,could weld warring tribes wandering bedouins in to
    a most powerful and civilized nation in less than two decades.'

    'The lies (western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped around this man (Muhammad)
    are disgraceful to ourselves only.'

    'A silent great soul,one of that who cannot but be earnest.He was to kindle the world,the
    worlds maker had ordered so.'

    (Thomas Carlyle in his HEROES AND HERO-WORSHIP)

    Diwan Chand Sharma wrote:

    'Muhammad was the soul of kindness,
    and his influence was felt and never forgotten by those around him.'
    (D.C Sharma;THE PROPHETS OF THE EAST,p.12)

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  • KeeKee
    Re: A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    'Those who follow the apostle;the unlettered prophet whom they find written down with them in the Torah
    and Injil;he biddeth them to the good and prohibiteth unto them the evil,alloweth unto them things clean
    and forbiddeth unto them things unclean and relieveth them of their burden,and shackles which have been
    upon them.Those who believe in him and side with him and succor him and follow the light which hath been
    sent down with him;they shall fare well.' (7:157)

    His Humility

    It is related on the authority of Hadhrat Umar that the prophet peace be upon him said:

    'O Muslim!Do not extol my merits unduly in the way the chrisitians have praised Jesus.I
    am only a servant of Allah and his Apostle.'

    He is the best of MANKIND.subhanAllah^

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  • A thread dedicated to the Mercy For The Worlds; Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Assalamu Alaikum

    InshAllah, everyone can contribute to this thread:up:


    Hadhrat Abu Hurairah once exclaimed,'Oh prophet of Allah!curse the idolaters!'
    The prophet peace be upon him replied,'I have not been sent as a curser,but i have been sent as a mercy.'(Muslim) This is confirmed by
    the quranic verse,'WE SENT THEE NOT,BUT AS A MERCY FOR ALL CREATURES.'(21:107)In this verse of the Holy Quran,Allah mentions
    the elevated morals and esteemed character of the prophet,and why not?The ethics and characteristics the prophet peace be upon him
    are worthy of being written in gold ink and remembered until the last day.It is stated in Bukhari and muslim on the authority of Hadhrat Anas
    that the prophet was the most beautiful,the most generous and the bravest.The qualities of the prophet peace be upon him are such that it would
    take many volumes to enlist them all.It was by observing these supreme morals and manners that people flowed into the fold of islam in vast numbers.

    In this very verse of the holy Quran,Allah summarises the great manners of his beloved prophet.His manners,morals,characteristics and etiquettes
    were complete to perfection in every style and manner.No stone was left unturned in the testing of the prophet muhammad to the extreme.It was our prophet
    who the people mocked in Makkah,yet when the victory of Makkah came it was this very prophet who had his head down in humility,offering all amnesty
    to all who entered the ka'aba and the house of Abu Sufyan,who was known as an enemy of islam.prior to this occasion.

    To say that the prophet peace be upon him was humbled by misfortune to spare his enemies is not merely denial of history and reality but
    at the same time it is ignorance of the acknowledgement of every historian that has recorded the arabian civilisation.Many historians admit
    that had not the prophet been blessed with such virtuous morals,the inclination of the masses that turned towards his message would have been impossible.
    HAVE BROKEN AWAY FROM YOU.'(3:159)At the campaign of Tabuk,when the prophet and his companions camped to take rest,a man from the enemy
    quietly neared the prophet and whilst handling his sword,asked,'Who will save you from me?' The prophet replied,'Allah will save me.'
    The man began to tremble and dropped the sword.The prophet caught the sword and asked,'Now who will save you from me?'The man
    begged for forgiveness (by this time,the sahabah had gathered round) and the prophet peace be upon him pardoned the man.

    The story of Taif is no myth.A seriously injured person today would gladly avenge his enemy but yet the mercy of the prophet peace be upon him could not
    bear himself being the means of a thorn pr icking a person,let alone be the means of the destruction of a nation.Look back to the time when Wahshi(who mur dered the prophets uncle Hadhrat Hamza)came to the prophet.The very person who had perpetrated such enmity to his family would
    not pass through ones thoughts without bitter h8red,let alone what would be done to him if he was present.Nevertheless,the mercy of our beloved prophet can never be put to test;look at the example of perfection;the prophet pardoned him and gracefully allowed him to enter the fold of islam.

    This example set by the prophet peace be upon him was set so that we can follow his lifestyle and not the lifestyle of the singers and footballers of today.
    we have to wake up from our sleep and follow the best lifestyle which will lead to our success in both worlds.No doubt,
    prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was at the pinnacale of great manners;who can deny it?

    Sallallahu Alayhi Wa'Sallam