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Am I allowed to wear a shirt like this?

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    Re: Am I allowed to wear a shirt like this?

    Originally posted by truepath View Post
    2 - 3 yrs ago, I was once in a flight from London to Paris and had this american couple sitting beside me. First the man started to talk with me while his wife had kind of serious face, she was quite quiet initially. I was wearing thawb and while this man was talking to bout stuff like what I do, my family and stuff, his wife started to talk directly about my clothes lol. She said she likes and admires the thawb and even said she would want to buy a few thawb for her hubby and want him to wear it. He laughed and said he dunno if he can wear it but his wifey said when she buys it he has to wear it. It was a great discussion getting to know each other.

    So If people wanna strike feeling of Islam into the hearts, minds and faces of Non-muslims - the best way they can do it is by wearing Sunnah clothes.

    Especially in Western countries - where, when they see you in sunnah attire they drop their mouths wide open - seeing somethin really strange (well, it is according to them) and since its wud be an attire worn to imitate prophet and hence it is liked and accepted by Allah. Then it is Allah, who impresses people who are sincere to their hearts - cuz the best dressing is the one worn by the best personality in the mankind that is prophet (SAWS).

    So, the best dawah thru clothing would be by adorning sunnah clothing and not wearing trendy t-shirts which has names of Allah or his Prophet, or Islam or Deen or whatever it be. If you wanna wear t-shirts with islamic labes, wear it. Theres no harm in it nor it is haram, but the notion - that it will be a dawah to non-muslims is incorrect.

    What I am trying to say here is, nothing wrong with t-shirts who has other islamic sayings and stuff as long as it doesn't have any of Allah's name or prophets name cuz for one or other reason of carelessness we tend to show disrespect to the names. So this notion of 'wearing these t-shirts of islamic stuff is a dawah towards non-muslim' is nothing but a deception, making excuses to ones heart - as there is nothing islamic about it nor it is anywhere close to sunnah. So it cannot be act of dawah towards non-muslims. While wearing sunnah clothes, even if it doesnt have any islamic labels on it in itself is still a pure dawah.

    Thats my two cents.

    I agree that Muslim brothers should wear Sunnah clothing. Heck, women wear hijab and give more dawah than the guys.

    However, I'll start doing that after college.
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      & these????
      how about these????


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        Re: Am I allowed to wear a shirt like this?

        Originally posted by Wolfn View Post
        Okay, what about these shirts?

        This one looks nice!
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