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Worldwide Photo Walk

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  • Worldwide Photo Walk

    Cities link:

    Q. What is a Photo Walk?

    A. It's a social photography event where photographers get together, usually in a downtown area or trendy section of town, to walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers.

    Q. What day is this special Worldwide Photo Walk?

    A. Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

    Q. How long does it last?

    A. Two hours, from start to finish.

    Q. When does it start?

    A. It starts at a different time in each city (the time is chosen by the Photo Walk leader in each city, and it posted on your "City Page" here on the site.

    Q. Where do we go on this walk?

    A. Your local walk leader chooses the starting place and the basic route you'll be following. They also choose an ending place (usually a local restaurant, pub, cafe, etc.) where you can wind down after the shoot, look at your photos from the day, and make new photography friends. At least, that's the plan.

    Q. Is there a fee to be part of this worldwide photo walk?

    A. Nope, it's totally free (well, if you buy food or drinks at the restaurant, that's on you, but there's no charge to be a part of the photo walk itself).

    Q. Is the number of people in each city limited?

    A. Yup. It's limited to just 50 people per city (If groups get much bigger, it gets really hard to manage; hard to find a restaurant to hold more people, it creates crowd control problems, etc.)

    Q. Do I have to sign up in advance?

    A. Yeah, you have to let us know you're going to a part of a particular city's event by using the registration form (found right here). Don't forget to choose your city from the pop-up menu.

    Q. Is there any training during the event?

    A. Not really---this is a social event, just for fun, but since you're working with a group of photographers you always wind up learning something from each other (at least, we do).

    Q. Do we have to stick together as one big group?

    A. Nope. Once the walk starts, you kind of move at your own pace, and we try to make the routes short enough so you have plenty of time for shooting and exploring along the way, and still get to the ending point on time.

    Q. Are there any prizes involved?

    A. You betcha! Since this Worldwide Photo Walk is to celebrate the release of the update of the world's bestselling Lightroom book (Scott Kelby's "Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers"), the best photo from the day (as chosen by your local walk leader) will win a copy of Scott's new book.

    Q. Where will these photos be posted for judging?

    A. We've asked approved leaders to set up their own flickr group, a link will be posted on each individual photo walk page to this group (by the leaders, when they set it up), so you can see the best shots from the other photo walkers in your area (and around the world).

    Q. Is there a Grand Prize?

    A. Oh man is there a grand prize!!!! Check out this mega prize package (awarded by Scott to the single best overall photo taken that day, from all the Photo Walk locations around the world. They are:

    * The Adobe CS3 Creative Suite Premium Package
    * The New Adobe Lightroom 2
    * Two full conference passes to the Photoshop World Conference & Expo
    * The new Wacom 6x11 Widescreen Tablet
    * A $500 Gift Card for Purchases Online or in Store at B&H
    * From Mpix - Two 20"x30" Color Prints/Kodak Professional Portra Endura Paper
    * From Peachpit - A $250 book bundle

    Q. How can I tell if there's a Photo Walk near me?

    A. Click on the Cities link above.

    Q. What if there isn't a Photo Walk planned for my city?

    A. You can apply to be a Photo Walk leader (you just have to have the qualifications, which are listed on this "Leader Registration Page"

    Q. How should I dress?

    A. Casual, and wear comfortable shoes because you'll be walking (Hey, it's a photo "walk," right?)

    Q. Anything else?

    A. Nope, just go and spend a great day, with some great people, who love making images just like you do. :)


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