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gorgeous lenghas for sale

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  • gorgeous lenghas for sale

    [email protected] if you would like to mail me directly. gave the original price is so you can appreciate what the lengha is worth. The red lengha is a unique design and has high quality material jamawar with printed embroidery on the material and then the design was put ontop. Alot of effort was put in that as I designed it from scratch and hand picked everything myself. you have to see it to truly appreciate the design.
    I only posted it here so that I can help a sister get a bargain and where something unique. I apologise if some people think it was inappropriate to do so on this website.
    Reason for selling is not much except that I only wore them for 2 hours each and need the money as we have moved into our house.
    I am looking for reasonable offers and no time wasters this time.

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    Re: gorgeous lenghas for sale

    you can post it for sale but please only in one section of the forum. so i left this one here, insha allah dont post the same thing in other sections or one admin might just remove the whole lot,which wont b good for u
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