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Calling all DIY experts!!

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  • Calling all DIY experts!!

    Any tips/instructions on how to put up a sturdy trellis?
    And if you had a short fence would you attach one to the top or go for a bigger one?
    If you're in the uk and have recently gotten a a good sturdy trellis can you tell me where you got it? Also would appreciate some recommendations as to what are the best types etc.

    And lastly will I need any obscure tools apart from standard ones (e.g. a bradawl).

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    Re: Calling all DIY experts!!

    aww sis you is a real gardener eh?


    i wish i could help you but i know nada about gardens!
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      Re: Calling all DIY experts!!

      What kind of trellis is it that you want to install? Do you want it to run along the top of the existing fence?
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