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  • Manners of the Muslim

    The Manners of a Muslim
    Based on the book 'Al-Adab Al-Mufrad' by Imam Bukhari

    By Sheikh Wasee-Ullah Abbas (Saudi Arabia)
    Teacher and lecturer at the Ka'bah. Professor at Umm ul Qura university (Makkah)

    DATE:Monday 11th - Thursday 14th August
    TIME: After Maghrib salat
    VENUE:Green Lane Masjid, 20 Green Lane , Small Heath, Birmingham, B9 5DB

    Join us for a series of inspiring lectures.
    FREE admission
    All welcome
    For further information please email[email protected] or call 07990622899
    All lectures will be broadcast LIVE on PalTalk Category: Islam, Room: Green Lane Masjid.

    j u s t B ...y o u r s e l f.