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Waxing legs and arms

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    Re: Waxing legs and arms

    I agree with Enigma dreamer over plucked or even plucked eyebrows look scary. They look unnatural and more importantly Allah swt has cursed the one who does it and the getting it done.

    It's all in our heads sisters, eyebrows are not even that bushy and some ulama say you can do the middle part, so what more do you need than that, as long as it's not a uni brow.

    Men don't even notice trust me, your committing sin and it's pointless as all sins are.

    There are other alternatives for those with somewhat large eyebrows like 'eyebrow brushes, and tint but never pluck!

    Perfect your deen and charatcer, for the most beautiful people are those with nour and emaan in their hearts. :love:
    Bye bye :salams


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      Re: Waxing legs and arms

      Originally posted by zaynab1 View Post
      perhaps becoz brothers are here to educate themselves so they can inform their loved ones about this issue. this post did not say anything about 'sisters only'.
      waxing? ok. if the brother is asking to inform his wife understandable..however i dont know many sisters who would be comfortable in discussing such a private issue with any male member of family. but thank you for pointing that out.