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"Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

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  • "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

    Fox to remake CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie

    The Canadian comedy "Little Mosque on the Prairie" will get a makeover for U.S. television.

    20th Century Fox Television has acquired U.S. format rights to the show, which centers on a Muslim community in a small prairie town, and will develop the comedy for a potential U.S. network slot.

    "Comedy is a great way to bridge cultures and bring peoples' guards down," Mary Darling, the series' executive producer with Toronto-based Westwind Pictures, said Monday at the Banff World Television Festival.

    There's no word on casting or a production schedule for an Americanized "Little Mosque." The Hollywood studio is still assembling a writing team.

    Darling said "Little Mosque" garnered extensive U.S. interest soon after bowing on pubcaster CBC in January 2007.

    "Fox got the creative vision of the show, that it has to be funny while it treads sensitively on certain Muslim issues," Darling said.

    The U.S. format deal does not preclude a separate deal to air the original Canadian comedy south of the border, she added.

    BTW, 'Little Mosque on the Prairie" is the show that helped educate me about Islam when I was researching Islam a long time ago. Not sure if that's good or bad.
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    Re: "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

    Only drawback I can think of is that the midwest has ample supply of evangelical christian Zionists and Fox News brainwashed rednecks... but comedies don't usually go in the path of simulation so there shouldn't be too much of that involved. Overall the plan sounds good.. never watched the show but heard good things. I'd definitely watch. :up:

    also.. :sub: just googled "muslims in the midwest" and these statistics showed up: Muslims in the midwest are 50% likely to drink and those in New England is 17%, and those in New York are at just 5%.
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      Re: "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

      It's a good idea IMHO. The more that muslims are shown in a positive light, the less likely it is that we will be seen as "the others"
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        Re: "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

        wow that's really cool I love the show. It reminds me of our mosque over here :D


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          Re: "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is coming to America!

          Oh no! I dread to think:o
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