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my thoughts on South Africa (aka Za)

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  • my thoughts on South Africa (aka Za)

    posted this on a local motoring forum, fellow south africans here - do you share my sentiments?

    Maybe i'm negative due to recent experiences, but i'm tired of Za.

    Za is getting more and more 3rdworld. The split between classes and races more and more. Laws, systems & general atmosphere is making even the most tolerant people into racists.

    Few examples:

    Yesterday, street/gluekids outside our store, theses schmuks are here for ages, even know us by name.
    Guy steals a box of lamps from suppliers bakkie, tries to sell it to a neighbour.
    Neighbour promptly calls us and stalls them for a while.

    bla bla bla - we go to the station.
    Policeman gives us lip, neighbour must charge them, we are simply witnesses. We have no right to lay a charge. All the neighbour did was call us and stall them

    Legal issues aside, i'v lost respect for Za law when 7 to 10 black policeman yell and raise their voice at us for bringing in criminals and wanting to charge them without that neighbour guy.. Eventually had to call in a favour from a high ranking officer to get them to lay the charge and arrest the 2 felons. (all in all a 3 hour event)

    Fact that brixton police station was recently renovated (about 2 years ago?) looks like an utter pigsty!

    Earlier today i go to Harrison Street to get a new drivers license & temp one (related to my hijacking recently) - Inside Specsavers theres a little satellite license office.

    Once again, 1 guy, 3 ladies (not gonna point out their race) utter mess. Tissues all over the floor, child crawling on the floor, eating some food on the desk.

    Now, there is ZERO public people, just the staff.
    Guy insists:
    "no appointment, i cant help"
    "gimme R50 and i'll process it"

    yes i gave him R50. Bribery & 'lunch money' is the only way to get things done in our country.

    FWIW - dude did not even open my ID book, nor do the mandatory Eyetest. - imagine how easy it is to fake licenses.

    Lastly, that epic Nigerian bust from a few weeks ago:
    My colleague was at the police station when the cops booked everything in. He saw it with his own eyes.

    3 days ago, been told case has disappeared. All evidence, documentation, dockets, etc wiped clean.

    These flying squad guys bust their **** to get things done, use their personal time, sacrifice time with their families to make arrests. Then some corrupt lowlife sitting behind a desk simply takes a few hundred rand or thousand rand and wipes their work clean out.

    oh & Mondeor Police station simply say "we cant investigate every single hijacking, sorry for your loss"

    Yes i'm aware that bribery & 'disappearing dockets' happen all over the world, but damn - SA must be breaking the record with it here.

    These are just the experiences of one single citizen. Imagine the experiences rest of the 47 million citizens?

    Right now:

    I'm tired...
    of sleeping with a panic button next to my pillow.

    Tired of knowing that life is cheap in Za.

    Tired of having to walk 800m to my local mosque armed with pepperspray, remote panic & cellphone as well as letting friends and family know that they should expect me there and if not, start worrying...

    I'd hazard a guess that 9/10 ZA members on this BB has been a direct victim of some crime or the other.

    I wish that just once, some fatcat government head honcho gets hijacked or robbed and has to go to a police station and file a report (as a regular citizen)

    I'm looking forward to 6 months in the middle east next year. Who knows what might happen from there on. - Islamic Content For the Ummah by the Ummah

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    Re: my thoughts on South Africa (aka Za)

    I don't really like it when people start bashing the country. We hear so much of that and it's so easy to do that, rather than think of something constructive to do you know? But I feel ya man. If I'd been through all that, I'd probably feel the same way. And yeah, lately it's kinda hard to remain optimistic about the country, in the light of these xenophobia attacks. Before this, there was kind of this sense that we were somehow different from other African countries. That the stuff going on in Zim and other places couldn't possibly happen here. But I think that's changed now. We aint so different from them after all. And I would tend to agree with you also, that we're becoming more Third World. Read a comment a while back in the paper that the difference between SA and other African countries is that here we have a steady supply of electricity but in other places people have to rely on generators. But now with this Eishkom business, that's also gone down the drain.

    I think there's still some hope left though. Mainly because of 2010. Pretty soon the whole world is gonna be here and the government is going to have to do something to make sure its a success. It will, hopefully, force them into getting their act together. Sad though - they don't seem to worry about us; only about what the foreigners will think.

    "And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way."
    (al-Baqarah: 143)

    Allahumma innaa na'udhu bika min an nushrika bika shai-an na'lamuh; wa nastaghfiruka limaa laa na'lam.