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How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

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  • How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah bros and sis'

    This is a research thread for an article that I want to write for a local newsletter on getting up to pray fajr. InshaAllah, if you find the resulting info useful or interesting then you could use it too, either directly in getting up for fajr salah, or for an article.

    I am asking for your personal ways of getting up and praying fajr. This is particularly relevant in these months where the nights are very short and many are finding it difficult to wake for fajr.

    I wanna know all of it inshaAllah.

    So, I'm gonna start it off inshaAllah:

    - Go to sleep early. Straight after Isha, especially don't stay up talking after witr.

    - Put one alarm next to your head, to make sure you wake up, and one across the other side of the room, to make sure you get up. Leave a minute gap between the two.

    Please put your practical solutions in bold as per above to make it easy to collate after reading.
    Also, no confessions please...

    JazakAllah khair. Perhaps Allah swt will reward you equally with the one who uses your technique and manages to get up for fajr, without diminishing that persons reward in the least.

    May Allah keep you well and allow your days to be brightened with the prayer of Fajr. Ameen.
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    Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

    I just hear the adhan clock, its on the shelf over the bed so quite close to us and quite loud. And normally i dont sleep too late.. if I can't sleep and I end up still awake close to fajr time then i will get up and do something until fajr and then pray it, cos if fall asleep very close to the time its hard to wake up
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      Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

      I mentioned this on another thread, but I use my alarm to wake me up. I specifically choose the Mortal Kombat theme music, because if you are in a deep sleep you'll think Sub Zero or Scorpion is waiting by your bed to kill you. So you'll get up faster. At least I do.
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        :wswrwb: well with only 3 hours between isha and fajr now, i just stay up till fajr because in general i find it hard to sleep early i dont sleep much before 1am anyway so might as well stay awake , but i still get up at 7.30 with my son alhamdulillah. other than that its an alarm clock to wake me.
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          Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

          also, is there a specified punishment for missing fajr?


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            Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.


            one alarm and the snooze button cos then you can nap if you dont feel like getting up straight away :D
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              Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

              i just set my alarm clock to the time, and then if i want just a few extra minutes of sleep, i may press snooze one or twice.

              i get up, do 10 jumping jacks(lol) then make wudu. then i say the prayer.

              then, i usually go back to sleep until the noon prayer comes, and then i get back up to do that. then, my day starts.

              i've been told that i should stay up after fajr and not go back to sleep, but that this is mustahab and not a requirement, so i think it is ok if i go back to sleep! allahu alim, but i should still be getting up at that time and starting my day!


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                Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                Drink lots of water before going to bed. That way, you MUST get up for Fajr.
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                  Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                  I find that if a make sincere intention to wake up than I wake alarm or no alarm.
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                    Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.


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                      Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                      alhamdullilah where i lived before - neighbours got together and paired everyone up -

                      now 1 1/2 years later, in a new suburb - i wake up naturally, i set my alarm but mostly get up without it - got my brother to join me and my opposite neighbour (who normally used to sleep right through it)
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                        Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                        i find this thread quite inspiring :o

                        mashaAllah tabarakAllah
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                          Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                          i bought one of those cheap adhan clocks, when the alarm first went off, it was just sooooooo loud, that i would feel like im about to fall out of bed due to sudden fright!

                          i was really annoyed at first because it was absurdely loud and no volume to turn it down... i found it hard to return the clock and had to keep it but little did i know that the absurdely loud adhan (i mean it is LOUD) is exactly what promptly kicks me out of bed .

                          So Tip of the Day Is: do not buy adhan clocks with soothing soft adhan voices telling you to wake up...get the rough voiced ones that sound like your gonna get it if you dont wake up
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                            Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                            just keep my alarm for Fajr time. I usually wake up right when the alarm sounds. Hardly ever snooze alhumdullah.
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                              Re: How do you do yours? A Fajr research thread.

                              sleep on the floor in summer.
                              Rajab is a month of cultivation



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