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"Aliens in America" canceled

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  • "Aliens in America" canceled

    Someone alert the nice folks at the MIA Network — some fresh product's headed their way.

    I just got the unofficial official word that one of this season's best new comedies, Aliens in America, has been axed. Despite rave reviews when it debuted last fall, the CW laffer went largely ignored by viewers. Which sucks for them, because they missed out on a fantastic little show.

    I've got better news for fans of another CW comedy, Reaper. I'm told it's "90 percent likely" that it'll be on the network's fall sked.

    Stay close to the Ausiello Report throughout the weekend for the latest renewals and cancellations ahead of next week's upfronts. In the meantime, share your favorite Aliens memories in the comments section below.

    It's canceled!

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    Re: "Aliens in America" canceled

    Good. I didn't like that show anyways.
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