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    Re: Egypt

    Originally posted by Eedj View Post
    Hosni Mubarak = a leader that has guided the country through difficult periods and is seen as the right man for the job.

    Statistically, the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn't enjoy great success at the ballot box (according to independent voting monitoring bodies - though I would like to see them at the elections without supression so this could be borne out). They are linked to Hamas and IAF in other countries. They are actually banned in some Arab countries.

    Perhaps the perceived lack of trust in them is because the original credo included the line, 'jihad is our way'.

    They would have been likely to have been stronger at the recent elections due do the food price rises, but I don't see how they would have improved the situation in that regard as they don't seem to have any coherent political or economic strategies to improve the country.
    May Allah Bless Us All.


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      Re: Egypt

      Originally posted by Al-Nasser View Post
      the Muslim Brotherhood did great in the 2005 election

      they did great under pressure and forgery by the secular elite

      in my place the brotherhood won the two seats......shattering the myth that only the poor would vote for the Islamists...this was so unacceptable as this is the district where 90% of ministers and the big names of the ruling party they forged the results without the least of shame to take one seat from the Muslim brotherhood candidate (a female) and give it to some ruling party monkey
      Fair point. I didn't say that the elections were fair, I'm just saying that there are independent observers who say that they would be unlikely to win an election, even if the underhand way they're prohibited were cast off.

      I'd prefer that to be borne out in a fair, democratic election though.

      The problem I have with the MB is that they want to unite the Arab nations under one government but they don't have consistency of policy across those nations anyhow. They seem to espouse peaceful democracy in some countries and jihad in leaves me confused to be honest...