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How are Muslim portrayed on the small screen?

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  • How are Muslim portrayed on the small screen?

    Asslaaam alaikum,

    How are Muslim portrayed on the small screen?

    There has been a handful of films based around lives of Muslim (mainly Pakistani origin, but could equally apply to any south Indians Muslims) but they all have a gimmick to them, plots and characters are often the worst kind of stereotypes known to us all.

    The first film I want to scrutinise is East is East. In ‘East is East’ all the children are rebellious, they secretly consume pork, some members of the family go to a disco and the other son is gay, and escapes his horrid life; for a life of pleasure with this lover . The theme is; rebellious children,hating their culture and the deen, the second film is Jasmine, a sister that has strong feelings for a non-Muslim, which kind of relates to Britz, the girl is shameless and sleeps with a non-Muslim, her and her brother are as deceitful as each other, but they have a close relationship similar to all the siblings in East is East. They sin openly together with total disregards of what is wrong and right.

    All these misinterpretation has now been added to give life to a new Muslim family in Easterners, the same stereotypes are amplified; the daughter is hasten to befriend some lose girls, who then go the pub, and her parents have a house warming party and allow alcohol be served. They have to keep on reminding everyone that there family thinks they are not good enough Muslims.

    These are typical examples of how Muslim have been portrayed on screen;

    Fathers don’t show children affection
    Parents seemed to be backwards
    Children hate everything to do with Islam- they think it is a burden
    The girls are lose and deceitful

    I’m annoyed because for the most part Muslim families are normal and not as outlandish or as outrageous as these fictional characters portray us to be.

    What do you think?

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    Re: How are Muslim portrayed on the small screen?

    Totally agree, it's sad...
    :love: “A calamity that makes you turn to Allah, is better than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah” :love:


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      Re: How are Muslim portrayed on the small screen?

      Ok, time to make a new film. A one that is more real and portrays the Muslims in a better light.
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