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Prophet Mohammed's (pbuH) toothbrush

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  • Prophet Mohammed's (pbuH) toothbrush

    While the toothbrush may appear a modern invention the Prophet Mohammed made popular the use of a piece from the Meswak tree to clean the teeth and freshen the breath! It was recently proven that Meswak contains substances similar to that found in modern tooth paste which help protect teeth and freshens the breath.

    The Swiss pharmaceutical company “Pharba Basle Ltd� carried out experiments on extracts of Meswak, botanically known as Salvadora Persica. It was found that it contains antibacterial substances which destroy the harmful germs in the mouth which cause gum infections and tooth decay. Independent tests conducted on the Meswak extracts in the Departments of Chemistry, Riyadh University, Saudi Arabia and Indiana University, Indiana, USA, have confirmed its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic activities.
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