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Women In Black BBC2

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    Re: Women In Black BBC2

    Originally posted by Pippin1376 View Post
    Does anyone know where you can watch the episodes if you live outside of the UK?
    Try this

    But it aint worth it,
    This programme is stupid, pathetic and irrelavent.


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      Re: Women In Black BBC2

      this program glamorusies the abaayah n portrays it as a fashion item urgh it makes me sikkk:(


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        Re: Women In Black BBC2

        I watched both 'Yemen' and 'Dubai' coverage.
        I'd just like to say its a poor reflection on life in yemen...they are obviously not very religious at all (her and her family...why in the world would a sis unclover infront of the camera's...that baffled me!) I havent come across one sis in yemen who would unclover infront of a guessin these lot did cus they thought 'pah, its not going to be aired in yemen! lol'. Thursday nights lol...qat sessions are every night, but more special on thursday cus friday is a public holiday in yemen. It doesnt involve dancing and getting 'high' all the time...just when there is an occasion. Students chew qat cus they say its good for revision time, can concentrate for longer sleep!. When men chew...they all talk like they are running the country...sometimes the world! they just talk politics!!! lol. Amani going out to the qat sooq/market, bad move lol..where did she think she was? UK? them markets are not a place for women to be..ALONE!

        About Dubai...wasnt surprised about the bluetooth dating, read about that ages saudi..why it is/was banned there. Amani in Yemen was like up there...coming from a wealthy family, maids and driver..she was sooo the opposite in Dubai..they kinda looked down on her and her 'yemeni' plain abaya. Lol at the comment she made about primark and mataland!!!rofl!
        This week in Cairo.