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  • reminder 24

    this is really long but enshallah important read....:love:

    it is very rare that i post two reminders in one day but the feeling in my heart is just not letting me rest until i have shared this reminder with you...maybe the most important one i have done so far....

    today someone in my family not close family but family died. i have never even met this guy i don't even know what he looked like or anything. i don't even know his name until today...but it is amazing how sadness and grief unites people....

    He went to pakistan to get married...subhanallah the irony...he suffered from a condition where his body could not make its ow blood and so he had to have regular transfusions after every six weeks. before he went he had been to the doctors and everything was fine he was allowed to go and his next treatment would be due when he came back.....

    what happened was that he kept going to the bathroom and his brother who was with him noticed and obliviously being aware of his condition, asked him what was wrong and the guy went and sat in the bathroom and called his father....

    ...both his father and his brother lifted him and took him to the bedroom and rested him on the bed. they gave him water to drink and he took the first two sips in...but the third one just settled on top of his mouth....:(

    ...the dr arrrived and said that he had been dead for five minutes....

    astegferullah...o allah! to you we belong and to you we will return.
    O allah! Have mercy on him and forgive him and save him from the punishment of the grave.
    Oh Allah ! oh allah! you are the one who guides and who you guide can not be misguided.
    oh Allah! give his family the patience to deal with this and make them benefit from it. (i.e. come closer to you)
    o Allah! you know what we do not know and you see the benefits of calamities that we can not see.

    o Allah! keep us safe and when we come to you forgive us and protect us with your mercy and compassion.

    can you imagine how hard it is, like it is for all families to deal with he death of their son?

    ...which parent thinks that they will be burying their own son with their own hands..:(

    the brothers and sisters how they must have thought that they would see him again. O allah ! bless them with sabr.

    its spookier when you hear the last things they did the last time they met their families.
    like before he went into the waiting room for the flight he stepped back twice and smiled at his family for the last time....

    oh allah! had his family known this would be their last time they were going to see him smile, his face, him walking and talking, how different the atmosphere would have been.


    How life does turn in different ways
    to all those you greet, greet them with grace
    with a smile shy and full of pace
    for death does not take a while
    once it comes theirs no delay
    the persons goes just as they came
    but when they came their were tears of joy
    but the same entry when in exit
    leaves a very different taste
    never un appreciate anyone ANYONE
    when you are talking with them
    walking to them
    or indeed away from them
    know that it could be your last hi
    or goodbye,
    make it real and true
    leave a smile
    make your memories worthwhile (remembering)

    like i said i dont even know him but death is death and one day it will be me or you and then the world will still be here carrying on and will also forget us....
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