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need to be a hafizah!!!!!help!

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    Re: need to be a hafizah!!!!!help!

    Originally posted by Kasim2k7 View Post
    Thats another thing yeah i agree
    i'll go find out if therz any local appas to help then...
    "Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that God singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins.Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith. Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to perfection.Thus your present despair may be beginning of an infinite blessing.":love:


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      Re: need to be a hafizah!!!!!help!

      Mashallah it's an admirable intention but I have to agree with the majority that you DO need a qualified and experienced teacher to guide and help you.

      Anything with regards to Islam and learning in general aswell, is best when working with others or with the guidance of others.

      Sometimes we like to think we're best alone but it's quite arrogant of us to say so. We ALWAYS need others help and guidance and asking for help and agreeing to need help is a humble character to have and also aids in one's modesty.

      Maybe a good idea would be to ask your friends? there might be someone who'se thinking the same as you but hasn't mentioned it. You could form your own Hifz Study Circle and meet at a regular date,place and time each week to memorise aspects of the Quran. And then in your own time at home practice. When you meet up, listen to each other.

      I dont know if you've heard of 'proof reading' but it's what established students and professionals do with their work. Like when theyve written a 2000 word report they will ask 3 or more friends to read through it, to ensure spelling is ok content is good etc. it's called proof reading

      So just like that when memorising something, it helps to have someone listen to you, to 'proof-hear' what youve memorised. And maybe forming a study circle would be a good idea?

      Or alternatively speak to the female teachers at your local mosque (if they have these) to set up a Hifz Circle Study Group for sisters, one thing they will be impressed to see there's an interest.

      Also, I would think to concentrate on something like Hifz it would help to eliminate all unnecessary things from one's life. TV, chatting with friends, wasting time, even ummah forums. Hifz requires dedication, patience, extreme concentration and regularity It's really important you study at a regular pace so your mind gets accustomed to it. Which is why once again, if you have a teacher or you make a study group, you get that regular pattern 'oh its saturday, i have hifz class' etc

      May Allah make it possible for you to become a hafizah in your lifetime and may Allah make it easy on you and shower his barkah and blessings upon you.Ameen.


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        Re: need to be a hafizah!!!!!help!

        alhamdulillah through the fadl of allah subhanahu wata'la i am a hafizah but id just like to say one thing it is best to do when you are young as your brain is more fresh and you dont have many things interferring into your life and also it is best to do with an apa or someone rather than yourself because when you do by yourself you tend to give up easily wheras doing it with an apa, your apa will push you and make sure you learn a set amount each day