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    Re: Friend Requests

    Freeeeeeeeeeeeee Palestine

    sign Afzal Guru petition


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      Re: Friend Requests

      Originally posted by shez View Post
      brother can i get some money please? i have sent you a pm with my paypal email address :up:
      Blud i didnt get no PM :rotfl:
      Watch this:

      ‎"If she's not on the deen, she's not fit to be your queen. If he hasn't got imaan, he's not fit to be your man."


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        Re: Friend Requests

        Originally posted by Ibn Khattab View Post
        Salam Alaikum

        Some of you may be wondering why i have no friends on this forum.

        Well thats because your all my brothers and sisters in this deen of Allah SWT, hence its much much stronger then friendship :up:
        Asalamu3laikum...awwwww masha allah thats so so cute :inlove:
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          Re: Friend Requests

          Originally posted by adil786 View Post
          guyz dont b mean! he wants a friend! hey ill be your friend :up:
          Is that what you want Ibn Khattab? if so, I will be your friend if you want :) welll, I don't know what kind of friend you want though