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Listening To Music Improves Stroke Patients' Recovery

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  • Listening To Music Improves Stroke Patients' Recovery

    London (PTI): Be it pop, classical or jazz, it's no secret that music improves mood. A new study has found that it can better your health too, especially after a stroke.

    Researchers in Europe have found that listening to music even for a couple of hours a day in the early stages after a stroke can improve a patient's recovery, the British media reported on Wednesday.

    "As a result of our findings, we suggest that everyday music listening during early stroke recovery offers a valuable addition to the patients' care... it's an inexpensive means to facilitate cognitive and emotional recovery," according to lead researcher Teppo Srkm.

    Srkm of the University of Helsinki and his fellow researchers came to the conclusion after comparing patients who listened to music for a couple of hours a day, with those who listened only to audio books, or nothing at all.

    They recruited 60 patients who had suffered a stroke, of the left or right hemisphere middle cerebral artery and analysed them between March 2004 and May 2006. Most of the patients had problems with movement and with cognitive processes, such as attention and memory.

    Patients in the music group were able to chose the type of music they listened to. All patients received standard stroke rehabilitation.

    After three months, verbal memory improved by 60 per cent in the music group, compared with 18 per cent in the audio book group, and 29 per cent in the non-listeners. The researchers found that focused attention improved by 17 per cent in the music group, but not at all in the other group.

    In addition, patients in the music group were less likely to be depressed, or confused.

    "Other research has shown that during the first weeks and months after stroke, the patients typically spend about three-quarters of their time each day in non-therapeutic activities, mostly in their rooms, inactive and without interaction, even although this time-window is ideal for rehabilitative training from the view of brain plasticity.

    "Our research shows for the first time that listening to music during this crucial period can enhance cognitive recovery and prevent negative mood, and it has the advantage that it is cheap and easy to organise," Srkm said. The results of the study have been published in the 'Brain' journal.

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