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A warning to all.

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  • A warning to all.

    Assalamu alaykum,

    The administration try very hard to keep the private forums as secure and safe as possible for both the brothers and sisters who use them.

    Users may have posted personal details, pictures, and private information in these forums.

    Users are reminded that they may NOT use any information posted by another user in the private forums without prior consent of that user.

    Any abuse of this privicy may result in a ban or the account being disabled permanently.

    Users are also reminded that sharing of passwords or accounts - regardless of whether it is between same-gender users or not - will NOT be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

    Users are reminded to be careful when posting personal information/ details, as like any part of the online world, nothing is totally foolproof.

    Should the administration have ANY reason to believe that users have been violating the privicy of the private forums, they will take immediate action and are NOT at liberty to reveal information to users.

    ILM- Sister Administrator.
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