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How to build a working Lego gun

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  • How to build a working Lego gun

    By Bruno Waterfield

    A surprise Christmas bestseller, dubbed "the Anarchist Cookbook of the nursery", is topping the Santa Claus wish list for naughty children and their parents all over the world.

    Forbidden Lego, Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against subverts a playroom favourite since 1958 to provide detailed instructions on how to turn the ubiquitous plastic building bricks into unauthorised working devices.

    A toy Gatling Gun, a continuous-fire ping-pong ball launcher and a catapult siege weapon are among the designs featured.

    The manual, created by two former top Lego research scientists at the Danish company, is mirroring the success of books like The Dangerous Book for Boys to put danger and creative risk back into playtime.

    Ulrik Pilegaard, a one time senior designer at Lego and Mike Dooley, a former director of development, told the Danish media that the book allowed them to share all laboratory models they created but were unable to convince company risk assessment teams to let the public play with.

    "When I worked for Lego, every once and a while we created some really cool things that couldn’t get approved," Mr Pilegaard told the Copenhagen Post.

    Mr Pilegaard and Mr Dooley, published by the self-styled "geek" publisher No Starch Press in San Francisco, aim to get both young and older Lego users "to try inventing their own rule-breaking models".

    "The Lego Company has its official (and sensible) rules for building that include no cutting or tampering with bricks, creating models that shoot unapproved projectiles, or using non-standard parts. Well, toss those rules out the window," they write.

    "You’ll learn to create working models that Lego would never endorse."

    Perhaps unsurprisingly Lego has responded cautiously to the book that promises to reveal blueprints for "high velocity aircraft launchers" or "a high voltage Lego vehicle" among other dangerous sounding devices.

    "When we heard the title, we thought the authors were revealing the secrets of our products," said Trine Nissen, a spokesman for Lego.

    "But once we found out what it was about, we were much more at ease."

    The book has been enthusiastically welcomed by online reviewers and YouTube postings of rapid-firing Lego guns - with the plastic bricks acting as both the construction material and as ammo - have driven meteoric sales.

    Andrew Liszewski, writing on, confessed that as much as he loved his "army of G.I. Joe figures and armada of Transformers" most of his time was spent with Lego.

    "Like any kid tired of engineering my own miniature town I occasionally built a Lego gun or rifle but unfortunately they never actually worked," he said.
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    Re: How to build a working Lego gun

    Forbidden LEGO Book Is Big Xmas Hit

    Friday December 14, 2007

    A book showing children how to make guns out of LEGO is climbing the list of must-have Christmas presents.

    The manual, written by two former employees of the Danish plastic-brick firm, is a big hit in the US.

    The authors of Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against promise "you'll learn to create working models that LEGO would never endorse".

    Ulrik Pilegaard and Mike Dooley added: "Try your hand at a toy gun that shoots LEGO plates, a candy catapult, a high voltage LEGO vehicle.

    "Or a continuous fire ping-pong ball launcher, and other useless but incredibly fun inventions."

    The book was published in August by No Starch Press, a small independent publishing house based in San Francisco.

    And it has become a surprise hit with Americans, shooting up the Amazon sales charts.
    But in Britain, there has been concern about the effect the book may have on children.

    The Daily Telegraph has dubbed the tome "the Anarchist Cookbook of the nursery".

    And a commenter on said: "This is a very dangerous idea.

    "Kids could make atomic bombs out of LEGO, and just think what would happen if some Islamic terrorist get hold of a copy. The possibilities are terrifying.",00.html
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      Re: How to build a working Lego gun

      +.+ Thats crazy.
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