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National Smoking day.

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  • National Smoking day.

    Dont forget.. your fags.

    National Smoking Day is a question - Can we, as a modern society, make a democratic choice allowing two very large groups of people to live in harmony?

    The government has been distinctly undemocratic. The government has flexed its muscles under the guise of health and literally left people out in the cold.

    Are we really prepared to watch our country’s way of life interfered with in this way?

    Are we really prepared to watch our family, friends, colleagues, and ourselves treated this way?

    What will be next? Alcohol, food, your car, your home, your children and as time progresses, more and more of your lives, privacy, and personal freedoms.

    We believe we have a true opportunity to do something amazing with National Smoking Day.

    We can change the law.

    We can set a precedence of self government

    We can take back a large piece of the power pie.

    We are NOT saying

    'go crazy, smoke everywhere, be militant, aggravate the non-smokers and the government'

    We are saying,

    'it is National Smoking Day, 31st December, smoking is the topic of the day. Find the strength to stand-up and be counted - plenty of people feel the same as you.'

    We would like to see pubs, clubs, public buildings and private businesses deciding on their smoking policy considering both smokers and non-smokers. Perhaps two separate areas; perhaps a smoking room dot dot dot.

    National Smoking Day will be a resounding success with your support. Please be passionate about your freedom and your opinion whether you are pro-choice or an anti-smoker.

    UK National Smoking Day, 31st December 2007
    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)