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Being forced to NOT wear hijaab

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    Re: Being forced to NOT wear hijaab

    Originally posted by Hafsah View Post
    i actually knew a few sisters who werent ALLOWED to wear hijaab, but desperately wanted to

    one would wear it once she got to the train station,and took it off once she got back so her parents wouldnt know, her sister got a lot of tension when she wore it,and the sis didnt want to start fighting with her parents, eventually she stopped wearing it all together

    ironically enough her mum did wear hijaab, but thought it would limit the type of family that would be interested in her daughters for marriage

    other parents were worried about the safety of their daughters and didnt want them to wear hijaab, or worried their daughters wouldnt get good jobs

    That is actually very common, and to an extent true with reference to niqaab. When my bro got married to a niqaabi, she was the first niqaabi in my entire family (cousins/aunts etc) and my mum found it really hard to get used to. Plus, she was studying at university so my mum was like 'oh whats the point, how are you going to get a job anyway'

    in addition, she wanted to go into teaching, lol, so this created more comments. We all got used to it but then with recent things about niqaab (that primary school teacher etc) my parents started discussing it more with her. She herself also started questioning it, the career oppertunities not the niqaab itself. Alhamdulillah though, she's doig her PGCE at the moment and it's in a normal comprehensive mixed school, the school has every right to ask her to remove it but havent done so...I guess it's Allahs will, she always says how lucky she is. Inshallah we all just make dua that once she's qualified someone will give her a actual job in a school, although i think she's gearing more towards islamic school.

    Onto the jilbaab now (abaya). I've been wanting a part-time job alongside my studies for quite a while now but yes jilbaab does prevent me- example retail, supermarket because all these places have uniforms (shirt and trouser) which ofcourse I couldnt wear with abaya. When I keep complaining 'I need a jooobbb' My parents are like 'well whats stopping you??? its just your jubbah isnt it!' and im like aarrghhh because I know it's true. So far I've bee trying to find something like youth centers, tutoring, mentoring, working with kids stuff like play/acitivy worker things on weekends which dont require a uniform.


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      Re: Being forced to NOT wear hijaab

      sometimes the shops can comprimise on uniform for the abayah, like u know niqaabi she used to work in savers b4 she came to work wit me... n she was wearing jilbab and she wore the savers uniform jumper over the top of it. cos some places they hav a long sleeves uniform aswel as the tshirts, or else u cd wear the shop tshirt over the jilbab i kno it looks kind of lame but whatever :p
      or try call centres thats a good place for sisters in abayah or niqaab aswell because it doesnt matter wat u were?
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        Re: Being forced to NOT wear hijaab

        But wearing abayah should restrict the place where you can work.

        Unifrom clashes are virtually unheard of, but I cant see how wearing an abayah will prevent any sort of work uniform.