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    Re: Help, Personal Statement

    Originally posted by Hisham Abu View Post
    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    I need help with writing a Personal Statement for UCAS. I find it hard to talk about myself. Are there any good resource websites?

    The two main points I would like to discuss are Ethical Careers, and Architecture.

    All help is appreciated.

    Jazaak Allaahu Khair.
    wa alaikum asalaam brother

    if personal statements for UCAS are like personal statements that are done for jobs,then this is how i complete them and this way you give them all the information they want from you as well :

    HAve they given you any papers (with employemnt applications you get the Person specification) that tell you what their expectations are of you? what they are specifically looking for? if no,then the following is no use to you!

    if yes then, basically answer their "person spec" like your answering questions but in a kinda story format about yourself.

    So for example they ask in applications "we want a team player who is dedicated and uses his own intiative and has experience of so and so ...."

    so u say how u meet the first point of a tema player, give exmaples, they are always good with anyone! talk about how u will be dedicated, again give examples maybe from your personal life or jobs you have had. Go on to talk about your attributes and say why u tink u have those attributes, so for example, in the above passage they want u to be able to use your own intiative, say how u have done this in the past? again example!

    hope that made sense, i have waaayyy to many job applications, so sorry if it was no applicable to you
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      Re: Help, Personal Statement

      LOOL jokaaaah!

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