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saying salams in presence of the Mrs

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    Re: saying salams in presence of the Mrs

    I'll probably greet him but avoid longer conversations. It's a bit awkward.
    Originally posted by Kya View Post
    My husband knows lot of people and often meets people he knows when we go out, specially shopping. In most cases, If I am standing next to him at the moment the brother gave salam to him, I will nod an acknowledgment or replay the salam & then step away from them and look at other things while they catch up. Hubby finds me after he is done talking. If hubby and his friend acknowledge each other from distance then I stay back while he moves forward to meet his friend

    If we are in restaurant and someone approach him, I pull out my phone & ignore them while they chat. Again no issue in someone else approaching us but as someone mentioned don't turn it into long conversation
    Interesting how you found this thread. There is a term for replying on 10 year old threads. It's called necromancy.
    Sisters don't rep or joke with me.