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Are You Lazy Or Not?

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  • Are You Lazy Or Not?

    The fasiq will open up bars everywhere and run his houses of immorality with vigor. And the righteous will do little to nothing in the sake of Allah Ta'ala. When this happens, there is an imbalance on earth, and corruption will be widespread and prevalent. Sadly there are many muslims today whom not only are too lazy too worship Allah Almighty but will waste the night away partying, borwsing aimlessly online etc. They claim to ne insomniacs. SubhanAllah then why waste that time when you could attains so much reward in the worship of Allah Ta'ala.

    During the time of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, an incident happened in which a man slept the entire night and he missed the Fajr prayer. Despite the fact that this is a very common occurrence in our present day, at that time such things rarely happened. He missed Fajr, and so they came and spoke to the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam about this.

    Kasl, or laziness, also known as procrastination, is a disease. University students know what procrastination can do to their studies. It is a disease that afflicts the minds, after the mind, it then afflicts the heart, and finally, through the heart, the body is afflicted.

    Today, you will learn that laziness is a technique used by Satan, and today you will learn the techniques you can use to combat it.

    Do not claim piety to yourselves In this way, He gives forth the parable of the truth and falsehood and the vanity. Vanity is like the foam, the dirt on the ocean (there is no benefit to it). But the things that do bring benefit (those devoid of laziness) will remain steadfast in the land

    No Allah No Peace.
    Know Allah Know Peace.