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you are what you eat...

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    Re: you are what you eat...

    Originally posted by .: Rashid :. View Post
    How does tying rocks to your stomach help? :scratch:

    Your brain detects that the stomach is empty and the responce is that you feel hungery. Squeezing the hungry stomach overcome the feeling of hunger.
    It was a custom among the people of Madinah that they fastened stones onto their stomachs when they experienced severe pangs of hunger. This was done so that they do not feel weak while walking and that wind might not build up in the stomach.
    Even today this is done, that when severe hunger is experienced a cloth is tightly fastened around the stomach, which is beneficial for weakness and soothes the pangs of hunger.
    O son of Adam, indeed you are only but a number of days. Whenever a day passes, a part you leaves with it.
    " It is only because of Islam that we gained 'izzah' (honor, dignity, and pride), and if we seek 'izzah' outside of Islam, Allah will humiliate us."