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Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

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    Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

    jazakallah.. i hope you all will grant me your permission to collect all these and post it in my blog.thanx! =)


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      Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

      Originally posted by heaven2002 View Post

      'And hold fast , all of you together to the rope of Allah , and do not seperate'

      'And the believers, men and women, are protecting freinds of one another, they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong' (9:71)

      'Te believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy' (49:10)

      The Prophet (SAW) said 'The right of a Muslim upon a Muslim are six' It was asked what are they? He replied
      ' When you meet him, salute him
      when he calls you, respond to him
      When he seeks advice , give him advice
      When he sneezes and praises Allah, respond to him
      When he falls ill, visit him
      When he dies, follow him (the funeral bier)' (Muslim)

      'You will see the believers in their mutual kindness, love and sympathy just like one body. When a limb complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever' (Muslim and Bukhari)

      Prophet Muhammed said
      "You shall not enter Paradise until you believe; and you will not bellieve until you love one another. Shall I not guide you to a thing? Which when done , will make you love one another: Spread the greeting of Salam among you"- (Muslim)

      The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said : A muslim is a brother to a Muslim: Neither he wrongs him, nor hands him over (to another). And whoso comes in need of his brother , Allah comes in his need ;and whoso removes a calamity of a Muslim, Allah will remove a calamity from the calamities of the Resurrection Day, and whoso conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his sins on the Resurrection Day' (Bukhari and Muslim)


      Thanks for sharing these verses from the Quran and hadith.

      Peace and God bless


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        Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

        Jazak'Allah Khair :love:
        Al-Ghazali said, "If you see Allah, Mighty and Magnificent, holding back this world from you, frequently trying you with adversity and tribulation, know that you hold a great status with Him. Know that He is dealing with you as He does with His Awliya' and chosen elite, and is watching over you, have you not heard His saying, "So wait steadfastly for the judgment of your Lord - you are certainly before Our eyes.[At-Tur 52:48]


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          Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

          this is a very good lecture about the importance of having good friends


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            Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

            Jaza k Allah for giving a clear insight of Friendship as per Islamic teachings and Quran :) I have also written a blogpost on this very topic and would like to share with you all

            Please do go through this and check out how i summed up this

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              Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

              Assalam O Alaikum,

              "The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Said: " The best among you who learn the Quran and Teach it others."

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                Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

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                  Re: Friendship in the Quran and Hadith

                  Allah (SWT), the Exalted says in the Noble Qur'an: "Friends on that Day will be enemies one to another, except al-Muttaqun (i.e. those who have Taqwa/Piety)." (Surah Az-Zukhruf, 43:67)

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