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Real life stories of struggle to relief

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  • Real life stories of struggle to relief

    As-salamu alaykum everybody. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your situation in these difficult times, may Allah continue to reward and bless all of you.

    I read a lot forums about people going through hard times, losing their job, experiencing hardship etc... All of the replies are brothers and sisters telling them to stay patient and not turn away from Allah. While that goes without saying, acknowledging that those people are being tested, is there anybody out there that has a real life story about going from hard times to good times?

    Im going through a tough time At the moment with losing my job and thankfully, I have not forgotten Allah. If anything, I Feel I have become closer to Allah because I have been praying more than I ever used to. I would love to hear real life stories from people saying they went through the same thing and in xx days/weeks/months/years my life turned around etc...