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Am I loosing my mind?

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  • Am I loosing my mind?

    Hello my brothers and sisters,

    How may I put this, I will try to explain it the best I can.

    I think the woman can help me more on one part of my 2 part question issue.

    I have noticed since I was small a kid that I had deja vu ideas, dreams and thoughts during the day.

    Like with this girl I am with I realize I am doing things that I did in the past or I think I did (that's were the deja vu, dream comes in to play) and if it is it did not end well.

    But I am not anyone important I'm just a man/boy human that Allah created like everyone else so I don't want to think I'm special in that way. But we are all made perfect since Allah made us.

    Now my question would be there ideas, deja vu, gut feeling are if my girlfriend is cheating on me or it makes me think that.

    So my question to my sisters is are there things woman do that are signs that they are cheating and how can I deal with it?

    The second question is am I going mental or is it the devil thts playing with me?

    Thank you.